‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ hindered by bad visuals

Juliett Maria Villegas

Sonic the Hedgehog boomed into theaters on Valentine’s Day 2020 and it surely captured America’s heart fast. 

This action packed, comedy-adventure film is about an extraterrestial hedgehog named Sonic seeking asylum from a rival tribe on his home world.

After ignoring his caretaker’s request to hide his supersonic speed and thus being exposed to danger, 

Sonic travels to earth with only a bag of teleportation rings, forcing him to leave behind his family and friends. 

On planet earth Sonic lives a comfortable life in secrecy enjoying his own company and using his powers for shenanigans before encountering a new enemy and unforeseen challenges. 

The movie was directed by Jeff Fowler and based on a video-game franchise created by Sega.

Paramount Pictures did a wonderful job of redesigning what otherwise would have been a grotesque character on the big screen trying to convince us that it’s somehow better than “Cats.” 

With a diverse cast, a nutty evil scientist portrayed by Jim Carrey, “Star Wars” references and an adorable alien hedgehog whose attitude resembles that of a kid, this film will fill the viewer’s heart with nothing less than joy. 

Sonic’s character effortlessly shows how, despite being an unusual creature with an ability that is unlike that of any other species on any planet, deep down he is just a kid. 

Dare yourself to not utter expressions of fear or sadness while watching Sonic search for a homey lifestyle that is hard to find given the nature of his being. 

Sonic’s latter savior and partner in crime, dubbed the Donut Lord, or just Tom Wachowski, played by actor James Marsden, seemed rather comfortable, willing and patient to aid Sonic in his biggest obstacle yet.

 However, when face to face with death and uncertainty of survival, Wachowski and his on-screen wife, Tika Sumpter, lack the kind of fiery reaction one should naturally have. 

Despite the dry and slightly unnerving energy we receive from Marsden and Sumpter, the excitement is restored with Sonic’s riveting courage and confidence when battling antagonist Dr. Robotnik, played by Carrey. 

What better way to honor the attention span of today’s distracted kids than to have a quick and to- the-point backstory? There is no better way. 

The movie’s action-packed scenes act like candy to children who are ever-seeking stimuli and its well-structured puns cannot go unappreciated by their chaperones and guardians.  

Seeing how Sonic embodies a highly energetic and mischievous kid of the iGeneration makes one wonder if the story was further influenced by a group of Twitter fanatics with a love for TikTok. 

Undoubtedly, it’s the same hypervigilant  users of these social media platforms, including those of YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and more, that we have to thank for the transformation of Sonic’s appearance compared to when the first trailer was released last year. 

There is always going to be a tradeoff of logic when watching any movie that involves heavy usage of CGI, computer-generated imagery.

 In Sonic, the audience will be expected to compromise consistency for dramatic effect.

While some movie-goers are capable of living in the moment of the movie others will not help but notice the lack of continuity concerning the glow of Sonic’s quills.

 In one moment we see Sonic being his blue-colored, speed-running, goofy, charming self with over a hundred intact quills that are not glowing. In the next moment there is a heavy clue exposong his presence which becomes revealed when a single, glowing, red quill is  left behind. 

It’s also agreed upon that we are not to mention the power ratio one missing quill holds against the countless quills on Sonics back. 

Aside from the inconsistent glow of Sonic’s quills and the varying power of the quills, overall, Sonic the Hedgehog is a great film. 

Its heartwarming themes surrounding friendship and family will make viewers of all ages not want to miss a minute of it.

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