Sports ranked by concussions and injuries

By Alejandro Ambriz

There is always a chance athletes can be injured during competition, no matter how good the players are or if precautions are followed to the letter.

 An analysis by Quotewizard that looked at National Safety Council data on sports related injuries from 2010 to 2017 provides insight as to which sports are more dangerous among 15-24 year olds. 

This three-minute read ranked sports in three charts based on most common sports for sports injuries, most dangerous sport with the highest rate of injury and most common sports for concussion related injuries.

 Sports injuries were classified as “treatments for injuries resulting from a sports activity,” according to the article.

Basketball took the lead for most common sports for sports injuries with a staggering 251,794 injuries; with football at 168,911.

These numbers reflect the total number of injuries in the United States. “I believe that is likely a participation number…there’s more students playing basketball around the country than there are football, so with a higher number of participants I think you’re going to see more injuries in basketball than football,” said Adam Johnson, creator of the article. 

Although it is more common to be injured in basketball, the rate of injury for football players surpasses that of basketball and wrestling. 

With a 1.78 percent rate of injury compared to basketballs 0.98 and wrestling’s 0.90 percent, the protective gear is a no brainer. 

Concussions have become more of a concern in sports as they can increase the risk of mental illnesses such as dementia and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. 

Since the brain is still developing, any form of trauma can alter the student and they might not even notice until later in life. 

A 2018 Annal of Neurology journal study found that “Athletes who played contact sports for more than nine years had a six times greater risk of developing Lewy body disease, a cause of Parkinson’s, than those who played eight or fewer years.”

The nature of contact sports means that it is almost unavoidable for 15 to 24 year-olds to remain unscathed every practice or game.

 An athlete’s highest percentage of injuries resulting in a concussion comes from ice hockey, snowboarding, and water tubing at 12, 10, and nine percent respectively.

  According to John Hopkins Health, most sports injuries occur due to “lack of education and awareness about safety precautions and potential injury, inappropriate or lack of equipment, and poorly conditioned players.” 

Safety should always be a priority and can be ensured through proper training and the right safety equipment.

 If all else fails, it is important that student athletes have some form of insurance. “In universities or college age most kids are going to have to provide proof of insurance or purchase a school sponsored health insurance policy,” said Johnson.

 Minors benefit from being under their parents insurance or pay significantly less as they are considered a low health risk. 

Inevitably, student athletes will be injured and depending on the severity of the case, might have out of pocket expenses.

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