Netflix’s ‘Castlevaina’ creates hopeless ambience

By Luis Castilla

Season three of Netflix’s anime adaptation of the long-running video game franchise “Castlevania” sees its three main characters abandon all hope.

Having vanquished Dracula at the end of season two, his son, the half-vampire-half-human Alucard is now living in his father’s abandoned castle, the titular Castlevania.

Clearly depressed and lonely, Alucard fashions dolls of Trevor Belmont, the last of the legendary monster-hunting Belmont clan and Speaker-magician Sypha Belnades, the two who helped him kill his father.

Trevor and Sypha are now romantically involved and are investigating a group of secretive monks in the small village of Lindenfeld.

In his solitude, Alucard finds comfort in training Taka and Sumi, twins who seek the skills necessary to kill vampires so that they can defend themselves and their people.

Having been alone for so long, Alucard unconsciously tries to make them stay as long as possible.

The direction the writers are taking with Alucard opens the door for a future where Alucard might be the villain of the series.

This season is all about possibilities. 

Trevor and Sypha fail to protect Lindenfeld from the monks and realize that their fun adventures are over.

Now they must deal with the reality that the heroes don’t win all the time.

Side characters are also dealing with their own hardships.

Hector, one of two human forgemasters and formerly of Dracula’s council, is imprisoned by four vampire women who are only keeping alive because of his ability to create night-creatures, demons who can be used as soldiers.

Isaac, the other forgemaster, is on a quest for revenge and seeks to continue the work of Dracula and exterminate the human race. 

Through his interactions with others on his journey, Isaac realizes that not all humans are rude and worthless. 

He spares three people on his journey: a merchant, a sailor and an old forgemaster.

Each of which proved to have positive human traits deeming them worthy to Isaac.

The stories of Hector and Isaac are sort of opposites to each other.   

Isaac is learning to see the good in people, while Hector is continuing to be betrayed by those close to him.

At the end of the season, everyone’s life is altered drastically.

 Everything is in shambles right now. The story needs resolving and everything is in place for a climactic season four.

“Castlevania” season three is available for streaming on Netflix.

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