Drake’s ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’ an exploration into new sounds

By Sonny Tapia

Drake released his album, “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” giving his listeners a reason to like mixtape Drake more than regular Drake.

He gives a raw feel to this album by having hard bass songs along with drums and solid rapping.

Making this album was meant to be a new sound, but it still gives off the Drake vibe. 

The playlist features demos, leaks and loose songs that never made an album or were made just for fun.

By doing this, Drake is releasing the tension over being hyper focused on a studio album meant to have exciting and poppy tracks which is expected with his album releasing this summer.

Drake is still at his best when he is dropping loose songs at 2 a.m. on SoundCloud. 

The album has multiple producers old and new, including an anticipated song “Pain 1993.”

Dating back to January 2019, Drake also had different producers in a secluded house in Los Angeles including German producer Elyas.

Elyas was asked to help on a project through Drake’s practice system and he sent over beats and compositions which one of them then became the song “Losses.”

On April 3, the Canadian based rapper debuted “Toosie Slide” as a single on music streaming platforms worldwide. 

This began an internet firestorm of viral Tik-Toks posted by users everywhere.

Families and friends gave their best renditions of Drake’s dance moves being described in the song starting with “It go right foot up, left foot slide.”

As time went on one of the most famous athletes in the world, LeBron James and his family posted their first video on Tik-Tok of them performing the dance.

The song features a mellow and laid back flow to relax the listener and allow them to have fun with it.

 Drake continues in the song after the hook by rapping about how he can dance like Michael Jackson with a black leather glove and no sequins.

The song talks about having a good time and dancing the night away with a date, partner or anyone they want. Making the listener want to dance is the key to the beat of the song.

Drake has kept with his normal nature in rap with fast paced beats and his toned down moments, where he sings more than raps.

The tone is aggressive at times, but in a good way.

 It secures anyone that hears it to feel empowered and stronger with themself. 

The song “D4L” gives a hype quality to the album with a fast paced beat and the features in the song coming from Future and Young Thug.

The beat brings a great sound with the versatile rappers in the song keeping listeners engaged and bobbing their head.

Drums are a key addition to the song leaving listeners repeating the words over and over, “What’s hannenin’.” 

Drake has had some songs in the past that left his audience rapping for hours after the song played.

From the lyrics, “I got fake people showin’ fake love to me” in the song “Fake Love” on his 2017 album, “More Life” to “Marvin’s Room,” on the 2011 classic “Take Care,” Drake has constantly left audiences wanting more.

Although some would argue this album was a gasping attempt at keeping his place in rap, this was a well executed album, especially with, “Demons,” featuring Fivio Foreign and Sosa Geek. 

This song offers a moment for self empowerment and the feeling of inner strength. 

Drake gives a power statement throughout the song giving listeners a reason to feel confident. 

Making people feel a connection with their friends by rapping about balling out in the Drew League and going to London for a Louis Vuitton bag.

Drake is also flashing his popularity and relationship with National Basketball Association stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.  

Skipping a track on this album is not recommended with all of the extra views into Drake’s style of rap and other artists.

Just like his past albums, running them all day was always the case because they were good enough to be played all the way through. 

Drake’s next studio album will release Summer 2020.

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