Beaches should be avoided to get through pandemic

By Michael Dominguez

The beach is a place where we can go and enjoy the ocean breeze and create summer memories with the ones we enjoy being with but now is not the time to do that, we should continue to  stay home and defeat Covid-19 so that we as people can create new summer memories.

While some are following the stay at home order given by Government officials in the state of California some people  disagree with the ruling and continue to attend the beach with mass crowds and although they say that they are six feet apart from each other that still puts people in danger.

 It was reported that Calforina had its highest death rates on Friday with 98 and that is the most recorded  since April 22 when there were a total of 118 deaths there is  now a total of 2,131 deaths,according to Meucary news there has been a 3.8 increase of new cases being reported bringing the total to 52,152 in the state while the death rate has small declines in death rates we still have not defeated Covid-19.

 When Governor Gavin Newsome put the ban on all beaches it was for a good cause to protect the people of California  and not for people to protest all over Orange County and Huntington Beach they were  really being selfish and it’s   going to ruin the process that the people of California and frontline workers have put in to flatten the curve of new cases and deaths due to Covid-19. There has been over 66,746 deaths  across the United States with more to come in this  month of May  possibly doctors can’t see their families fighting to get these new cases back to health and people think the beach is going help throw those problems away it’s only gonna make it worse and cause even  more of a extended    lockdown dates to our favorite restaurants.malls, parks and other public outings people enjoy to do just stay home and spend time with family. 

 If you need to go the beach go for exercise do your workout and go home don’t lay around and crack beers with friends right now is not the time the beach is going nowhere it’s still going be there when the time is right but for now stay home find a hobby read a book watch a movie call a friend see how they are doing these hard times. 

For the people who break the stay at home rule and go to the beach if you don’t care for yourself think about the others around you, be smart at what you think might be good and fun for  you might hurt and danger to the ones you really care about in your own family.                    

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