OPINION: Crucial shortages, Colleges are not providing food supplies

BY Nancy Lazalde

Staff Writer

Every school should provide students with breakfast and lunch during this pandemic. 

There are some students that while going to school, breakfast and lunch was something important for them since they might not have enough food at home. 

The National School Lunch Program on a regular school day provided around 22 million students with food. 

This is why providing food to students is important to continue doing because it helps many students. 

Currently because of COVID-19 all schools are closed, but they have found a way to supply students throughout this difficult time.

College students never get access to free food, but now that students are unemployed there should be some help with providing food for them. 

Schools with grades  K-12  are still providing students with free lunch at  certain times. 

They are provided with food to take home five days a week. 

That is something that colleges should look into doing because it could help anyone that is not financially stable.

There are students that rely on school lunches or on low cost meals. 

Now with many parents and college students not having a job, they might find it more difficult to buy for food since they still have bills to pay. 

It is a good thing that schools from K-12 are still providing food but why is it that ELAC is not giving such help with providing their students with food.

Recently ELAC refunded students $300 to help with any daily expenses, including food.

 After almost two months of not attending school and people being unemployed, they decided to take action by helping their students. 

It might have been a little late with receiving this money because they could have been students already struggling financially. 

But it is better late than never with receiving help. 

That might now help them to get food and other resources they need.

There are schools that are allowing parents to go with their child to their schools to receive food. 

There have also been buses that have been going around distributing food to families. Since that took longer than expected, they agreed to just allow pick up from their schools. 

If they were to supply students food, they would feel more relieved with receiving help.

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