ELAC hosts workshop on how to have a good mindset on spending money

BY Nancy Lazalde

J-101 Staff Writer

There are times when consumers  have a difficult time trying to save money, but at the end of the day that money is spent on things that some clearly did not need. 

With more time on people’s hand there is more boredom shopping as well as stress shopping online. 

Since there is nothing much to do nowadays people tend to waste time by going online and see different things they can purchase.

East Los Angeles College offers a program called the Financial Wellness Program where it provides students with coupons to try and help them save money. 

They also talk to students that need advice with how to save money as well as keep a track of their expenses. 

The Financial Wellness Program mentioned that people are struggling keeping track of their expenses and that is something that is affecting them. 

There are many ways to reduce spending money, ask people need to ask themselves if they really need it or is it just a thing they want. 

If it is something at the moment then it is probably not a necessity to buy it. 

Something that the Financial Wellness Program recommends to focus on when spending money, is to think about the bills. 

Lastly, always think if you need what you are thinking of purchasing,  that is something important to always think.

 When buying something people need to ask themselves,“Is this totally worth it,” look at the quality, the price, then contemplate how its going to paid for it. 

People need to feel happy with things that they buy, if they feel stressed then it was probably something they didn’t need.

Something people always need to do is save the receipts because if they feel that its impulse purchase they can always go back and return it. 

It is also a good idea to keep track of what is being bought. 

There are different ways in keeping track of expenses, write down an approximate of how much is spent that day or check the bank account once a day.

If there are any questions regarding how to have a good mindset with saving money, email the Financial Wellness Program financialwellness@elac.edu and they will help with any questions.

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