Music is a good distraction from negative situations

BY Cassidy Reyna

Staff Writer

East Los Angeles College  students are handling the changes, due to COVID-19, in different ways, including music to ease the anxieties of being in a worldwide pandemic. 

Music has always been a way for people to be in a community outside of the “real world.” It can be an escape for many people and continues to be when it may feel as though all hope is lost. 

Some ELAC students have been listening to music from artists they were supposed to see live in concert. But due to COVID-19, the shows have been postponed. Some students are feeling both positive and negative emotions while listening to the artists music. 

Michell Cuautle, a first year student at ELAC, was to attend the concert with the bands System of a Down and Korn. After years of being a big fan of System of a Down, she was finally going to be able to see them.The fact that the show is being rescheduled has brought her down. 

However, it can give her a boost in her studying. Cuautle is not the only student who is feeling negatively when it comes to motivation and the current situation students are in.

Some students are using music as a way to keep their mind off of the negativity that is being fed through social media. 

Jacqueline Rocha, a second year student at ELAC, resorts to music for that reason. Listening to bands like Metallica and Megadeth is what brings her peace when nothing but panic is around her. 

Isaac Sanchez, a second year student at ELAC, uses music as his background noise throughout the day.

 “I listen to music when I wake up and till I go to sleep,” Sanchez said. 

Sanchez listens to artists like Tyler, the Creator. Music similar to Tyler, the Creator allows him to be happy despite what is going on in the world. 

All students are going through different emotions through this time, some are using this time to practice and aim for their goals once quarantine is over. 

Jean Carlos Ruiz, a first year student at ELAC, listens to Drum Corp International music, which is music from professional marching bands. He is using this time to practice and prepare for the World Class Corp. 

“In times like these it’s essential that you don’t take things for granted. Appreciate what you have. Students have more time at their houses to learn new skills,” Ruiz said.

As a trumpet player, he practices day in and day out. This music reminds him of his goals for when he is finally able to be back out in the world. 

On the other hand, Brian Nuñez and Sindy Chun, both first year students at ELAC, said that they are sticking to music on the radio where they may hear music from the app “TikTok” playing.

 For some, it brings a smile to their face and happiness that can stem from scrolling through the app and finding funny videos that takes them away from the negativity going on in the world. 

Overall, ELAC students are using music as a resource to help them cope and remind themselves to keep going and push through. Especially due to finals being around the corner, it may seem as though everyone is on edge and worried. 

Through music, students are able to bring themselves back down to earth and remind themselves that they will make it through.

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