Nursing Student gives her perspective on COVID-19


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Karen Jaramillo works at a skilled nursing facility where she helps people with Covid-19. She continues her studies at ELAC to further her knowledge  in her medical field. 

She has been going to East Los  Angeles College on and off since 2011. 

Jaramillo has been nursing for three years. Administering and dismissing patients, managing different types  of therapies, and helping with healthcare. 

Adding that it is challenging, and that not every day is the same. Jaramillo said she has to constantly adapt to every situation especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of this current moment, skilled nursing facilities have not administered anyone who has the virus. 

However, she said that they are preparing for any future increase in cases. She also added that there is not enough space to administer new patients. 

The facility does have the equipment and supplies to take care of those patients, but it will not last in the long run. 

Jaramillo that many big companies are opportunistic and making it harder for people to get the help they need.

She adds that companies are overcharging people to get tested. Many of the testings offers cost up to $700.00. 

Jaramillo believes that testing should be free and accessible when people need it. 

However, she does not believe that there should be at- home testing, since people might not know what they are supposed to be looking for in the test.

When Karen saw people protest against the quarantine and that they should be allowed to go outside, she thought that those people are being ignorant and should stay home. 

Jaramillo said that even people who walk without masks frustrates her but she would like to help educate those people on why it’s wrong. 

She also said that the United States government can do better, but that what they are doing during this pandemic is reasonable. Pandemics are hard to predict and there is no real way to plan for them. 

However, it is believed that a second wave is going to happen.  She said there is a high chance that there will be a second wave during the flu season from October to May.  The flu season will prolong the quarantine. 

Her job is preparing them for the influx of patients wanting to get tested. However, for COVID-19, the incubation period makes it harder to test. That it can only be detected when it has already finished the incubation period.

 Jaramillo states that if anyone has any concerns about  COVID-19, they should call a testing facility, contact the CDC, or read their website for any information.

 She added that there are mobile testing trailers going around in certain areas conducting tests. They’re a lot of opportunities for tests, but some places do overcharge, so make sure that they are not overcharging you. 

As of now, Jaramillo advises to stay home as much as possible, avoid contact with other people, and to wear a mask whenever you have to leave the house.

We have been in this pandamic for long time we must stay safe and take the necessary steps to defeat Covid-19.

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