Social media wellness should be more widespread

By Mariana Montoya

Social Media platforms have really taken over daily lifestyles. From constantly being attached to a mobile device to check up on friends to controlling the amount of following individuals have on Instagram, Facebook, etc it seems like a never ending trap. Unfortunately not only has it become a trap, it is turning to a detrimental addiction that can lead to some serious mental damage. 

According to an article by the Johnson Memorial Health blog, “Social media makes it tempting to be unproductive at work or home. Not only can it distract you from what you should be doing, but it can lead to missing out on other important things, such as exercise. The need to be connected all the time, which sounds innocent, is actually a detriment. Our brains need time to relax and recover, and social media does not help with that, but exercise would.”

In recent times technology has evolved very quickly, and along with technology social media has also become a new point of discovery that has helped many businesses thrive. Unfortunately the side effects of being attached to social media have been brutal. 

Self esteem, the lack of confidence, and simply wanting to compete for more likes every time a picture has been posted has really increased. I myself have felt the constant pressure of acting a certain way to be able to seem appealing. It was not until I began to think about how in a way these things are important, but that it does not decrease or increase the value I choose to add to myself as a person. 

Social media wellness is a topic that should be covered all over schools, workspaces, and even at home because there is a dire need of awareness of how social media can affect individuals in a positive, and a negative matter. Younger generations are faced with the constant battle of learning to engage with all these upcoming gadgets, and risk becoming more and more antisocial. 

According to an article by Social Media Explorer “While social media allows us to remain connected to our loved ones over great distances, interact with grade school chums, and learn important information about the happenings in our global community, one has only to read about the extensive proliferation of online bullying at almost every age to understand that there can be negative outcomes when using the internet as a primary means for conducting personal and professional relationships.”

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