Graduates unable to fulfill dreams of walking on stage

By Michael Dominguez

Due to Covid-19, events of mass gatherings across the world have been postponed or canceled. But it  has also affected events or gatherings at home such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and graduation parties perfect for the springtime and sunny weather days.

Graduating from quarantine has affected many students at all levels of education. It’s a big milestone for students, some even become the first to graduate college in their families. Many wait years for the night of graduation.  But because of Covid-19 the night that the graduate  has been dreaming of  for years and  walking on stage in front of friends and family has been snatched from the graduate.

 Schools are giving the students a chance to return and walk the stage for the 2021 ceremony and be recognized with the rest of the class of 2021. It takes away that same joy that the student would have felt the day of their original graduation date. It feels like a pity gesture  you don’t get to graduate with the classmates  you started with.

The graduate  may not know any of the students of the 2021 class or the department  that they are receiving  the degree from. Some of the professors may have retired and may not see  the students on the new date of the ceremony,the graduates may not properly thank the professors for giving them the proper guidance to earn the degree that they have worked for.

This year’s ceremony is now one big power point from one’s living room or bedroom. There’s no feeling of preparation for the student. They might of had plans of a big party and invited as many loved one’s as possible, to celebrate with the ones that helped them get through the long nights of studying and helped them in any way possible get the degree they always dreamed of, now it’s kind of risk of throwing a big party and possibly getting a ticket for large gatherings. Some people, in celebration,  create car lines and honk, recognizing the achievement of one. Graduates  may  want to hug the ones that are driving,but can’t because of social distancing and keeping each other safe. But regardless of graduating on stage or not, every student should be proud to achieve a college degree, making their families proud. 

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