Science, love manifest in ‘Atomic Love’

By Erica Cortes

In a time when it was taboo to express feminism, Jennie Fields’ “Atomic Love” shows the heroine, Rosalind Porter, becoming an inspiring woman in a way where the reader can learn from.
This historical fiction novel takes place in the 1950s during the cold war. Fear of communism was rampant, people feared atomic warfare and women were not taken seriously in the work field.
With the constant societal changes going on, Fields’ book could not have been released at a better time. This book gives readers a sense of hope and love, something audiences should have, even in dark times such as now.
Fields also gives the readers an atmosphere in which they either have to keep turning to read what comes next because the suspense is just too much or just shut it completely, hoping it gets better by the time you continue and turn the page.
The protagonist, Rosalind Porter, is a very raw character that makes this story unpredictable.
Porter loves her family despite a rough childhood, Porter’s passion in her career of science that nearly destroyed her along with many others and still loving a man who broke her heart years ago.
Although feminism in the plot is undeniable, it remains a love story.
Porter has two love interests throughout the novel and the author shows a relatable process of decision making for Porter.
Thomas Weaver, a fellow scientist, fighting to come back to Porter’s life after breaking her heart and Charlie Szydlo, an FBI agent who is spying on Weaver and slowly falls in love with Porter.
Szydlo is also a great character in this novel. His main characteristic is his strength, although he falls in love with his assignment, Porter.
Not only that, but he must also deal with his own personal demons from his past throughout the plot.
Fields gives a sensational illustration on how Szydlo falls slowly in love with Porter.
“Something about Rosalind Porter gets to him. Her rare brew of brilliance and veiled vulnerability and, yes, even the anger.” (Fields, 2020, 94) This gives an idea that it wasn’t love at first sight.
Fields’ novel describes the setting of Chicago in the 1950s.
The setting is extremely vivid and the reader can envision taking a stroll through the area.
The temperature, color of the sky and the scent of the air are just a few of the many examples of Field’s method to take the reader back in time.
The plot overall is 4 out of 5. It has romance, thrills and intensity to keep a reader up at night.
The characters all have unique personalities that complement each other. As well as the setting is perfect to remind the reader of the world today.
It reminds readers that what people are going through right now is not our first crisis in the world.
“Atomic Love” is a page turner that will surprise the audience with how much time will pass during the day while the reader travels back in time.
As the reader travels through time in the novel, inspiration will hit and lessons can be learned from the passionate feminist heroine Rosalind Porter.

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