Campus News website wins first place

By Erica Cortez

East Los Angeles Campus News won first place in the student news website contest competing with four-year and two-year colleges when the Los Angeles Press Club hosted their 62nd Southern California Journalism Awards on Aug. 29.

Campus News came in first place. University of Southern California’s Annenberg Media came in second. Following in third, was Santa Monica College’s The Corsair.

“We beat a well known four-year school,” Jean Stapleton, Campus News’ Adviser. Campus News was competing with Southern California four-year colleges.

“Going up against four-year colleges is tough when you are a junior college. So, knowing that you can still get those results from any college, just speaks to the overall quality of our education,” said Anastasia Landeros, former Campus News staff member and Editor in Cheif.

The Campus News website has been going strong since 2011. Stapleton said that other schools might sign up for a commercial webiste creator Campus News was different. “We developed the website from scratch,” Stapleton said.

The website has progressed and improved with much help throughout the school semesters.

“It is a group effort,” said Steven Adamo, Campus News’ Art director. “It was a big surprise and a good one because for an artist, a lot of jobs shrilled away because of the Covid-19 and it was a good thing to lift me up.”

Since the semester of Spring 2020, due to Covid-19, Campus News staff has had to step away from its usual newsroom it works from every week to create the paper from their homes.

Although it is a different atmosphere releasing stories and articles to the college, Campus News website has made it possible to still cover news, even with a closed campus.

Campus News is praised by the Judges from LAPC as a “clean, simple and responsive” website. The method to maintain that reputation was “To make it user friendly,” according to Landeros. “User ability is really important because you want to reach out to as many people as possible.

“So even if people are not tech-savvy, they are going to be able to go to your website and get the news without use of any training to navigate the site,” Landeros.

Campus News is already brainstorming ideas on how they can surpass the standard to keep that top place for next year. “We’re constantly raising the bar and right now we’re trying to get it so we don’t just put our stories in on Wednesdays, but we get them in all during the week,” said Stapleton.

Campus News is also looking into expanding its audience into the social media world.

“With social media, it gives the importance of spreading the stories not only on our website, but to Twitter and the other social media platforms.” Adamo said.

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