Comedy duo take on paranormal in ‘Truth Seekers’

By Daniella Molina

New Amazon series, “Truth Seekers,” is packed with light-hearted comedy and paranormal activity.

The writers put the right amount of funny and genuinely creepy to make an intriguing eight-episode series.

Writers Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz, along with British actor-comedians Nick Frost and Simon Pegg came up with the Amazon comedy released October of this year.

The main character Gus Robertson is played by Frost. Gus is a wireless service repairman slash amateur paranormal investigator. Gus’s boss (Simon Pegg) at Smyle, appoints him to train the newbie of the company.

Gus, who is adamant about staying solo on jobs, reluctantly takes on the duty and drags the young newbie, Elton, along on service calls along the British countryside.

Their journey from house to house quickly becomes servicing haunted house after haunted house.

Elton not only assists Gus on his Wi-Fi service calls, but also becomes the unofficial cameraman for Gus’ YouTube channel called “Truth Seekers,” where Gus documents his paranormal activity experiences. Despite not ever capturing a single ghost in all the videos he has posted so far.

In one of his videos, he claims that a door slammed shut. However, it took over nine hours of film to see the door finally shut.

The ”Truth Seeker” channel was mostly dry with no evidence of any paranormal activity, until Elton showed up on Gus’ journey. The quirky friendship between Gus and Elton starts off rough in the first episode.

However, they grow on each other easily and the sarcastic comments between them become somewhat of the norm.

It becomes more clear that Gus would like Elton around him more when Gus, not so politely suggest instead of dropping Elton off at home after work as usual. Perhaps they could both go edit some ghost hunting footage.

However, Elton is not naive nor interested in spending any more time then he has too, with Gus.

Gus mostly spends his off time editing his videos and tries to keep to himself as much as possible, but his pesky father Richard, makes it almost impossible for Gus to be completely alone.

Ignoring Gus’s request, Richard quietly wanders into the study room and rummages around Gus’ work.

Which leads to unexpected visitors and occurrences for them all.

The episodes of the series are all of good quality production and acting and feel more like short movies.

There are several flashbacks, senses and video graphics of ghosts, monsters and spirits. All in all, very creepy characters, but nothing near gory, bloody or violent. Each episode moves at a decent pace to keep the viewers’ attention and does not veer off too much into the past.

The storyline is easy to follow and is peppered with subliminal clues from the ghost that tie into the next episode. Each week of work introduces a new monster or ghost from the past that needs to be put to rest by Gus and Elton.

The ghostbusting duo definitely have their works cut out for them in both the Wi-fi world and spiritual world.

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