Campus radio looks to students to power possible comeback

By Alexis Moreno

Less than 10 years ago, ELAC’s radio station, KELA was shut down, until Dylan O’Brien decided to reopen the station. He is expecting to have the station running again by next semester if the plans run smoothly.
The station is currently looking for self-motivated individuals who want to be involved in a ground-level opportunity of a radio station. The fundamentals of broadcasting can assist in a student achieving a future career. You can get in contact with Dylan O’Brien at his email
O’Brien first started teaching at ELAC four years ago and merely thought about the idea. It took about a year of thinking and planning. He took initiative and decided to officially get everything started again.
The first thought of the idea was not taken seriously because the school had no fundings to continue the radio station at the time.

Due to the pandemic, the process was even longer.It initially took about four months to make the decisions of getting to where it is now. Setbacks caused the process to take almost a year.
Overall, the procedure was pretty simple. There were no major issues the station had to face. The biggest problem was licensing music, which was not too difficult.
However, it is still in a current testing phase. The main infrastructure is done. The system is running and reliable. All the equipment is prepared. The next stage is to finish the last of the legal actions. For example, being able to play music without getting copyrighted.
At the moment it is only O’Brien running the entire station. He hopes to get people who have a passion for the radio on board.
An important objective is to get as many students involved who want to become part of something and want to be involved in ELAC.
The amount of work primarily relies on the students and the faculty. The amount of effort and time depends on how much they are willing to dedicate their time into the production. Since the voice of KELA is mainly going to be the student’s, it is important to represent the adherence they have for the station.
Before the radio station was shut down, the station had a goal of getting a grant in order to obtain a better studio and equipment for more serious recording content. O’Brien currently has no future plans for the station, although it is known that maybe O’Brien can get the station going and possibly get a television show.
The main goal to prioritize is getting students to participate in an available opportunity of radio knowledge and being part of the school’s spirit. The other aim is to officially get everything set in order and prepared.
O’Brien believes the radio station has a lot of potential to be embraced by the student body. The students involved will be proud of the work they have accomplished.
Especially with the pandemic still happening, it can be seen as a good addition to the school. He also thinks it can fill a certain void in ELAC.

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