Safe shopping practices necessary during holiday season

By: Ivan Arevalo

No matter the circumstances Angeleno’s will always find a way to turn the situation into a positive. The shopping experience has changed because of COVID 19.

As a business worker in the midst of this holiday season, I’ve seen many crazy things come underway with these dramatic changes. 

To prevent that, here are four tips to take on the season safely, while still being able to enjoy yourself. We can still shop ‘til we drop for our Secret Santa and also, let’s be honest, ourselves. 

COVID-19 has hit ELAC hard. Midway through the Spring 2020 session students were forced to transition from in person classes to online courses. 

First generation, non traditional, and other students suffered from the loss of educational resources and a hub for educational escape. 

Now with the holiday season underway, students are coming to the realization that COVID-19 is now out to get “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Because of the surge in COVID 19 cases the City of Angels is adjusting restaurant protocols and cracking down the capacity at the malls. Now more than ever, the city needs to be vigilant in order to keep our residents and businesses safe.

First tip, do your research. Those hoodies and pants may be buy one get one 50% off, but buy one get one free at another store. 

Do you have to purchase that fancy display laptop right now, or can you get it for cheaper later online? When it comes down to it, shopping is a science. If you take the proper precautions, you can make the most out of your trip and ensure you walk away with everything you wanted. 

No one wants to make a second trip back to the mall only to return or exchange something you weren’t satisfied with. Look up all the deals of your favorite stores beforehand and call to see what’s available first. If you don’t like what they got, there’s always Cyber Monday. 

The second tip is to go at non-peak times. That means those Tuesday nights, Wednesday afternoons, and sadly yes, Monday mornings. For everyone who enjoys the comfort of solitude when you walk into an empty store, these are the best days to go shopping. 

Peak days are full of screaming kids, shoppers that push and shove like they’re practicing for their football team tryouts, and other people who walk at 0.005 mph who make it impossible to get around. 

If you want to avoid all of these inconveniences, go to the stores when no one else is. This does not guarantee you’ll be alone, but you can enjoy a spacious store with freshly stocked, untouched merchandise, and workers that are less Grinch-like and more in the holiday spirit.

Moving on to the third, reduce the amount of people going. We all love to shop with our family and friends, and in normal circumstances this would be ideal and encouraged. Unfortunately, with the city facing 1.12 million COVID-19 cases, we have to think of not only ourselves, but our loved ones as well. 

If you absolutely must have someone help you carry all those presents, take one happy helper. If you can manage on your own however, I encourage you to. We can all do our part by making smart decisions that are safe and efficient. 

The last tip is to make it clear that you are fully committed to following proper safety guidelines. 

Keep your 6 feet distance at all times, sanitize often, and address others to wear a mask politely if you see them without one. When people notice you are actively taking precautions, it serves as a reminder that simple cleaning steps can go a long way. 

Make sure to ask the workers where they have their wipes, complimentary masks, and hand sanitizing stations, just in case you run out of your Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar travel size. 

By making the message loud and clear, people will listen. Follow these tips to ensure you have a safe and positive shopping experience that will benefit not only you, but others around you as well.

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