“Alien Xmas” follows in footsteps of classics, brings them into mix

By Cassidy Reyna

Although the holidays aren’t as joyous due to COVID-19, and it seems as though everything is canceled, holiday movies are still in full swing.
Netflix’s “Alien Xmas” is reminiscent of typical holiday movies. The film helps fills the void of missing holiday cheer.
The film is quite short, but not too long either, in a 42-minute time-frame.
The plot revolves around the alien species the Klepts, which have always known that they are to steal.
Every planet they have inhabited, they have stolen everything and left the planet dead.
The film centers around one alien in specific named X. He is the smallest and sneakiest of the Klepts.
The leader of the Kelpts, Z, discovers Earth and decides that it will be the next planet to inhabit.
In order for them to do so, a Klept must volunteer to go to Earth and implant a device to take over the planet.
Once X lands in the North Pole, he becomes fascinated with everything around him and runs into a young elf named Holly and her family. Once they meet, X’s mission changes.
The film is very cutesy and can please any viewer of any age. Although the targeted audiences are younger children, older audiences can enjoy it just as much.
It is also very hilarious that the aliens are called the Klepts, as it is more than likely a shortened version of the word kleptomaniac.
What makes the film so great is that it takes inspiration from Christmas movies and stories viewers know and love.
Viewers will recognize the style that the film takes when it came to character creation as it’s very reminiscent of the modern claymation of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”
Not only that, but the Klepts ethos is very similar to that of the Grinch. Although different circumstances, the Klepts base themselves on stealing. Whereas the Grinch steals Christmas due to his hate for the holiday itself.
Viewers can see that some elements from the film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” come into play as well. Once X is at the North Pole, he becomes fascinated with the idea of Christmas, similar to Jack Skellington and his ideals of stealing Christmas.
Another aspect of the film that is hilarious, but very informative, is the representation of the Klepts taking from a planet and leaving it dead. It sends a message to audiences showing that humans are currently doing that to Earth as well.
However, once Earth is uninhabitable there is nowhere to go. This message might get across to children quickly along with teaching children not to steal and to appreciate friends and family.
Especially during these current times, it is especially hard to appreciate what society has to offer.
In ways, that is what makes the film special. Although it could have used a little more originality when it comes to the plot, the story is still sweet and heart-warming.
“Alien Xmas” is definitely a cute modern film to watch with the at-home family this holiday season. Despite the COVID-19 virus interrupting this holiday season, this film can bring the family together for the night.

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