Opportunities fly out window for students

By Melvin Bui

Opportunities have been flying out the window for some huskies since they haven’t been checking school emails for grants and available resources. Vice President of Student Services, Julie Benavides said that students have not been checking their school emails and awards are going unclaimed.

East Los Angeles College hosted their monthly “Townhall for Students” meeting on Dec. 3 to answer inquiries students have about courses and resources. It was led by Associated Student Union President Yuxuan Bai and Interim President Alberto J. Roman. 

The town hall meeting touched six main topics: CARES Act disbursement, available ASU positions, giveaways, tutoring services, reopening, Wifi hotspots. 

Benavides said CARES Act disbursements should already be in students’ email and BankMobile account, so they should double check to see if it got buried by emails or check their student bank account. If students did not receive an email they didn’t qualify for the award.

All ASU positions will be open for students to apply for the 2021-2022 term. Bai said students who are passionate and want to make a difference in other students’ lives should apply for an ASU position. “Any student will be able to run for all positions,” Bai said  

ASU is in charge of disbursing resources to huskies. This semester had four drive-thru events that distributed gift cards, personal protective equipment, customized facemasks, hand sanitizer and more to students in need. Next semester will also have four drive-thru giveaways.  Information on future events is posted daily on their Instagram page @elac.asu.

“Just because campus is closed doesn’t mean all tutoring services are closed. We’re available from the morning to afternoon, all day,” Library Science Associate Dean Gina Celstrom said. The four main available tutoring services: Diversabilities Support Program and Services, Reading and Writing Center, Math Tutoring Lab and Learning Center. Celstrom said that if these services aren’t available, the first thing students should do is ask their instructor for help. “Get the help you need,” She said.

There have been 90 courses planned for on-campus instruction this spring. However, due to the increase of COVID-19 cases, Roman said the college will reopen when the logistics prove that it’s safe for students and faculty. He said even if the vaccine becomes available, it will still take time before the logistics permit.  

“With full certainty, spring 2021 will be online. However, summer and fall 2021 is still undetermined but it looks like it will be online,” Roman said.

Executive Director of the ELAC Foundation, Armond Aghakhanian said ELAC has ordered 50 portable Wifi hotspots from Verizon, but there has been a backlog since people want the discounted version. He said students can keep them for the whole semester, however it must be returned when the semester is over. 

Both ELAC campuses will have Wifi hotspots opening during the spring. Parking Structure Four on the main campus and the general parking lot of the South Gate campus will be the designated Wifi locations. Roman said faculty are still deciding if it’s acceptable for students to come without a car or carpool with others.

Town Hall for Students was set up by instructors and ASU members to answer questions for students and inform them on available resources. “Please reach out so we can help you,” Roman said.

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