Netflix’s Grande concert documentary connects singer, fans

By Breanna Fierro

Arianna Grande during the “Arianna Grande: Excuse me, I love you” documentary.

Energy, kindness and enthusiasm were brought in the concert-documentary hybrid about Grande’s “Sweetener” world tour, giving fans a look at the work and struggle in entertainment. 

“Excuse me, i love you” is a concert-documentary showing Ariana Grande’s world tour behind-the-scenes-footage. The mix between the two albums “Sweetener” and “Thank you, next” is emotionally invested with heartwarming moments, struggles and enough to make anyone a fan.

Grande made sure to allow her crew to feel involved and important, and the film makes that obvious. Refreshing, upbeat and an even better friend, she has shown to be a good person to those around her. Hyping up her friends and providing the confidence needed, all while grateful for what she has been provided through love and friendship. “I just really love you guys and I’m very grateful. I know that it was a lot and I know that it’s been hard, physically and mentally but this show for sure, for sure saved my life this year,” Grande said.

The “Excuse me, i love you” world tour came roughly two years after a bomb blast in Manchester, England killing more than 20 people during one of Grande’s concerts. 

This could help one become a supporter of her, even if one wasn’t the biggest fan already. The difference between this documentary and others, is that it provides a lengthier experience of the concert itself, instead of an extensive look on anything but the performances.

The behind-the-scenes footage isn’t so extensive and may roughly consist of about 20 minutes. Overall, this helped highlight a stronger feeling for a concert-like experience. In these scenes a closer look at Grande’s relationship among her peers, family and her fans is highlighted.  

The energy Grande and the dancers put out when performing streams into the audience, with her iconic ponytail whip being a flourish of energy.

 In Grande’s song “Breathin” the passion in her voice, and the words that she sang were expressive and the emotion is felt. Grande sang gracefully while transitioning vocal tones smoothly in between her high and low pitched notes. Her voice never disappointed. Nailing her trademark vocal points and acing her high pitches, really separated why live viewing an artist holds a higher value than a song from the same artist off an album. Grande made sure to invest time to include the audience as much as possible. Her interaction with fans the majority of the time was playful and fun to see. Fans seemed to remain active throughout the duration of the film, no matter the song. Grande kept the momentum up and it helped to work out her loyal fans. 

Going back behind the scenes, it was incredible the way crew members and directing staff worked together, and the passion among everyone on set brought a feeling of complete solace. The way the dancers, stagehands and Grande laughed, joked and expressed their anxieties demonstrated their vulnerability and fears at the importance of the concert. The documentary provided the glimpse that even though it was mostly work, it didn’t mean that there wasn’t time to be open and have fun with the people who were there supporting her. 

The lighting that was conducted within every set, set a specific mood that was noticed and felt. The dances that were instructed allowed the dancers to not only seem graceful but show it on stage. The outfits that were chosen in her song “7 Rings” were matching ones, reflecting the character of the song and reflecting Grande’s personality. The dances, atmosphere and lighting gave off a certain vibe throughout the show, which was unexpected but didn’t disappoint. 

Overall, the documentary is one that is close to the heart of any fan, and the good beginning for a new one. The passion combined with emotion is intense and with Grande’s lyrics hammering the feelings home. The documentary also included strong symbolism and practices that are important to the artist. 

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