“Moxie” showcases feminism while empowering teenagers

By Cassidy Reyna

Moxie is more than a movie. It’s an empowerment tool to achieve new heights against the status quo.

Netflix’s new coming-of-age film “Moxie”  empowers women and covers hard topics. Amy Poehler made her directing debut in “Moxie” which is based on the book by Jennifer Mathieu. 

The film follows teenage Vivian (Hadley Robinson) who finds an old zine made by her mother Lisa (Amy Poehler) during her rebellious years. 

Vivian begins her own zine called “Moxie,” which sparks a revolution among the girls at her high school. 

The film covers topics like feminism, sexual assault and sexism. Robinson’s character shows immense growth when at first she is a wallflower but blossoms into an outspoken young woman after starting “Moxie.” 

With the growth of the zine, Vivian is able to meet fellow classmates who are just as passionate as her when it comes to these topics. 

The film itself does a good job covering certain topics but it is almost as though it was following a checklist of what to cover next. 

There is no doubt that  “Moxie” fulfills its mission as being an empowering movie but the execution of covering each strong topic could have been                  done smoother.                                          

What balances the checklist of topics is that some were covered so well that it can cause audiences to be angry. 

Angry in the sense that the audience feels empowered to do something in real life situations.

Viewers feel passion and anger because of how the characters face these situations. 

It’s especially prominent when the topic of harassment is covered. In high school, many can assume that when boys joke around they are just “annoying others,” when in reality it is harassment. 

These situations happen and are easily dismissed as “kids messing around” when it can lead to worse case scenarios.

Viewers will be able to see the sense of community that is developed throughout the film and relate to it. 

As the group of “moxie” grows in Vivian’s high school, the film displays that people from different walks of life can come together and join forces.

With movements like Black Lives Matter and women empowerment, it is important to have movies like this so that younger generations are aware and can grow from the struggles that society deals with now.

What makes this film stand out is that it is straightforward, despite having moments that are cringey and being like a checklist in some parts. 

The movie forces audiences to realize how important it is that these hard topics be covered.

Some may argue that the film tries too hard to be “woke,” but with younger generations, it is important to both relate and market films to them.

With children and teens not being in school due to the worldwide pandemic, this film can allow young people to realize that these topics are not taboo and need to be discussed.

What also makes the film stronger is the diverse cast, there are cast members who are people of color and transgender.

“Moxie” may be considered “cringey” but it does take a stand. This film speaks out on sexual assault, letting younger generations know they can also fight for what they believe in.

Overall “Moxie,” does its job as being a film that covers strong topics in a way that relates to younger audiences.

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