Students suffer trying to secure the vaccine for loved ones

By Breanna Fierro

Receiving the COVID-19 vaccination becomes trickier as students help loved ones physically and emotionally with COVID-19 regulations. 

Due to the pandemic and allocation of who can get the vaccine, facility limitations make it hard for ELAC students and the community to keep track.

ELAC students are faced with a dilemma when helping family members schedule vaccination appointments online and when attempting to obtain control of parent well-being. 

The Pfizer Moderna as well as the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccines, are questioned when determining the best available dosage for loved ones and opinion on what would be the best accessible option. 

 ELAC student Natalie Sandoval also had an experience when assisting both of her parents when receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. 

It was challenging for Sandoval in the beginning of February to attempt to set-up appointments. 

Anytime she set out for a date at the end of filling out the parent’s information, the date wouldn’t be secured fast enough before someone else guaranteed the date.  

It was an unfortunate cycle, taking two weeks to secure a date and took two weeks after that to get seen. 

Both of Sandoval’s parents received their second dose at the beginning of this month.

 Due to the trial and error endeavor Sandoval said to stay with loved ones and help them through the process of setting up appointments online, especially if one is not too familiar with technology.

Prior to receiving the dosage, it wasn’t of concern whether it be from Pfizer or Moderna, Sandoval’s parents were comfortable with both vaccine choices, eventually receiving Pfizer. 

“It was between Pfizer and Moderna but when I had set the date for the appointment, it had automatically informed us what vaccination they would be getting,” Sandoval said.

Ultimately both parents were satisfied with the treatment because they just wanted to receive the vaccination and refused to be picky about it, especially since there are others who are picky about it, Sandoval said.

Whether it be Pfizer or the Moderna vaccination, the search for a solution in keeping families safe is of the utmost importance. 

The dilemma students face either supporting or contributing to their family members is both a stressful and confusing time. 

With support the stressful process of  helping loved ones would be easier for those especially in low-income neighborhoods to receive the vaccine. 

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