‘Firefly Lane’ portrays themes of friendship and understanding

By Gabriela Gutierrez

RIDE THE BUS OF LIFE—Alissa Skovbye (left) and Roan Curtis (right) portray the teenage friendship of the main characters Tully and Kate.

Polar opposites, Tully and Kate, develop what seems to be an unbreakable bond in Netflix’s new show “Firefly Lane.”

The show’s first and only season takes the audience on a three-decade journey through the lives of Tallulah “Tully” Hart and Kate Mularkey. Tully, who is played by actor Katherine Heigl, and Kate, played by “Scrubs” actor, Sarah Chalke, are bound by secrets almost immediately into the show– creating the foundation for the friendship that they develop.Both actors play protagonists as the show is primarily about their personal connection as friends. 

While all other characters play important roles, it is easy to see they all live in Kate and Tully’s world.

The show takes place in the present, but quickly intertwines with Kate and Tully’s teenage and childhood years.

 Kate and Tully’s pasts take place between the ‘70s and now and are distinguished by a warm filter.

Alissa Skovbye plays Tully’s teen self, and her youngest self is played by London Robertson. The audience rapidly learns that Tully is the rebellious and risk-taking crazy friend.

Kate, whose younger counterpart is played by “The Magicians” actor, Roan Curtis, is known as the sensible, kind-to-a-fault, responsible one. A peak into their younger years give the audience an understanding of both character’s modern-day roles. However,Kristin Hannah makes sure  to give both characters more spunk than meets the eye.

Both protagonists find themselves working in the field of journalism. Tully makes a name of herself by becoming the host of her own TV talk show, “Girlfriend Hour,” and Kate puts her passion for broadcast and writing on hold to pursue motherhood and marriage.

Tully and Kate depict a real, heart-felt friendship on-screen. They are so evidently different and fight often because of it, but they are always there for each other. 

Much like many lifelong friendships, it is through their struggles, losses, milestones and other life-changing experiences that they can be vulnerable with one another, which ultimately brings them closer. Because the drama show goes back-and-forth between decades, it is easy for a wide-ranging audience to relate to the characters at any given time. 

This is the type of show young girls can watch with their moms, or that girlfriends can watch together, and have tons to talk about.

The show is based on New York Times Best Seller, “Firefly Lane,” written by Hannah in 2008. “Fly Away,” also written by Hannah, is the book that follows “Firefly Lane,” for fans who would like a closer look into the characters’ lives.

The show was filmed September 2019 through January 2020 and was released on Netflix early last month. The filming took place in various lcations in Canada, but the show takes place in Washington.

Throughout the course of its making, the show went through five different directors. 

Each director worked on two episodes for a total of 10 50-minute episodes, making the show an easy-to-binge-on-a-night-in type of show.

 The first director to have a go at the show was Fred Gerber who is known for his work in “Prison Break.” Despite the handful of directors, the show remains consistent in its story and with its character development. 

There is talk of a sequel, but no release date has been confirmed.

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