Candidate plans to re-open college bookstores

By Juan Calvillo

Aryan Bhattarai is a leader and wants to help advocate for students by running for Student Trustee for the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees. 

He said it’s his goal to connect students with ways of accessing resources that are vital for online learning. 

Bhattarai said one of his goals is to give students more access to books that are needed for courses. 

He said he wants to work with the Board of Trustees and with colleges to figure out a way to partially reopen college bookstores. 

He said shipping costs on purchases can be costly to students and he hopes more teachers try to switch to PDF versions when deciding on textbooks. 

Bhattarai said he is a cooperative person and would help to find ways around obstacles when it came to his push for easier book access.

Bhattarai said he plans on researching and being prepared when it comes to proposing ideas for the Board of Trustees. 

He credits his time in high school where he was a part of the AP Capstone program. 

This program helps high school students further develop their skills to do research. 

Bhattarai said advocating for students would include reaching out to students instead of asking them to reach out to him. 

He said he understands how busy students are, studying and learning in the current online environment. 

He  plans on introducing himself via emails and connecting with students.

“That’s always something I’ve always done in my classes, reach out to students first. 

“Befriend them and let them know that I am here for them, here to help them,” Bhattarai said.

Bhattarai said he also plans on reaching out to the various colleges in the LACCD to begin creating relationships with the Associated Student Organizations advisors and members.

He said his leadership work is something he brings into his scholastic and everyday life. 

Bhattarai is the youngest coach at the Northridge Recreation center and has consistently ran for student government. 

He said whether he wins or loses this race he will continue being an advocate for students’ needs and helping others.

Bhattarai is currently attending his first year at Pierce College. He previously attended Granada Hills Charter high school. 

He was born in Bhaktapur, Nepal and was brought to the United States at the age of five. 

Bhattarai said he has been a permanent resident since 2016 and that he understands the struggle undocumented students go through. 

He said his parents are big influences in his life.

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