Career counselors offer tips for employment

By Ricardo Martir

CN/ Andrea Cerna

East Los Angeles College held a job fair event on Wednesday.

Hosts Jasmine Saidfar and Janet Huang were the speakers in the event. Amidst a global pandemic where millions of people have lost their jobs, hosting a job fair seems like a dim light toward all the darkness people are currently facing. 

Interview tips were given on how to stand out in a room before any qualifications come into play. Having your interview updated is something students should always do instead of being there and telling the interviewer they forgot to add something.

When being interviewed students want to look sharp, even if it’s an interview via Zoom. Looking good is considered having a decent haircut and a nice shirt. “You want to look good in order to make a good first impression, and also when you look good you feel good,” said Saidfar. 

Keeping a clean and easy to read resume is also a good idea as well. “It’s always good to have your contact information, your previous experience and your education. If you have a 3.0 grade point average it’s always good to point it out since it will do you more good than bad,” Saidfar said.

The idea of an Elevator Pitch was also introduced to the viewers. They were given a worksheet to briefly describe themselves, their goals and what they are currently pursuing. This is necessary in order for the employer to understand why an individual is the best pick for them.

Huang also said, “Mock interviews are always the best way to practice.” Even if during the moment one still gets the butterflies in stomach feeling, “You will be prepared because you will know what to say and not struggle with any questions,” Saidfar said

Whether it’s doing research on employers or the company that is being applied for, it is important to have information on which one can respond or maybe where one can ask  questions.

Both Saidfar and Huang also said  ELAC offers additional resources at the Career Center. When students want to know who’s hiring, if they need to work on a resume or if they are preparing for a first interview, the Career Center is the place to go. 

The ELAC Career Center is a good place for students to practice and ask questions before and after any interviews. It also helps to stay  informed on who is hiring in case students needs a change of employment or just trying to get their first job. The career center is available and open for live chat Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There are also scheduled appointments.

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