New COVID guidelines cause confusion on mask mandate

By Jonathan Bermudez

CN/ Daniella Molina

The Center for Disease Control  published new guidelines last tuesday for people who are fully vaccinated. These guidelines state that people who are fully vaccinated can participate in “normal” activities after two weeks, if they show no symptoms after getting the second dose. 

I believe this is ridiculous because it makes it seem like the vaccine is a cure. As someone who has taken both doses, I am aware that I can still catch the disease and even spread it, and I am not miraculously cured. 

I feel that the CDC is going to confuse people and make people believe they can now just do whatever they want since they have both doses.

I also feel it is going to create conflict when it comes to going out to eat and other places outdoors. I feel like customers are going to argue that they don’t have to wear a mask because the CDC “said” so. 

They are going to record it and post it on social media and it will become some big issue that’s going to divide the internet even more. 

The CDC website says “You should still protect yourself and others in many situations by wearing a mask that fits snugly against the sides of your face and doesn’t have gaps.” 

It doesn’t help the situation that this information is posted toward the end of the page when it should be at the top to prevent confusion. 

This information seems like a hail Mary attempt to get people to take the vaccine because there are still a lot of people who are skeptical of the vaccine or won’t even take it at all. 

The CDC is still doing research on how effective this vaccine is and to make new guidelines like this seems premature. 

I know a lot of people are eager to go back to normal, and so am I, but there should be more time before these guidelines are introduced. There are already a lot of people who believe the pandemic doesn’t exist even though there are 100,000 of deaths because of this deadly disease. 

I trust the CDC, but I feel that this is going to make things worse. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the United States was divided. 

Politics divided our country and made people very opinionated on what is right and wrong. Information from reliable sources has been seen as fake. 

With how little anyone trusts information these days, this is not going to have a positive effect. 

Many might see it as the CDC pushing an agenda and them trying to force people to take the vaccine so they can live normal lives. 

There are already enough conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine, this is just going to add fuel to the flame.  

With theories that the vaccines have chips in them that are going to control our brains, or that they are going to make men sterile, citizens are believing every ficational thing they see. 

America is not in the best shape right now. 

There are too many things going on in America that makes this information very overwhelming. We should not rush to rebuild society.

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