LA’s slow reopening sparks hope in citizen’s daily lives

By Leonardo Cervantes

A sense of normalcy is finally here as  LA County is finally set for a major reopening. 

A multitude of businesses and venues, movie theaters, gyms, amusement parks, stadiums and museums will be able to operate at a larger capacity this week. 

Even bars that don’t serve meals, saunas and steam rooms will finally open again.

The COVID vaccine has done wonders and the number of vaccinated people continue to rise with each week that passes. 

In California alone, there have been over 32 million people vaccinated which is over 78% of the adult population, data via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

The numbers of those vaccinated continue to spike as more people realize how effective the vaccines are, and in turn, lead to safety and being able to enjoy your time in public. 

In the last few weeks, public schools beginning from kindergarten to grade 12 were finally able to open. California residents had to sacrifice a lot in order to finally get here, but it finally happened. 

A lot of people had to break their routines and find safer routines in order to help speed up the process of reopening the county again. 

This is good because people will no longer feel like they are trapped in their own home. 

The rollout of the vaccines has been a success which has sped up the process of being able to open quicker.

Even if you have been fully vaccinated, it would be wise to still wear masks and keep a distance in public if possible. 

Some people can still be infected even if they have been fully vaccinated, if they are not taking precautionary measures. 

It is always best to operate with caution so when you go out make sure you are still wearing masks at all times. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

What I’m most excited about is being able to attend live music concerts again. 

Attending a concert is one of my favorite thrills, and it has been a long time coming.

Sporting stadiums have also been open to the public in a limited capacity. 

I feel it is good because now people can enjoy the outside world again and begin to socialize as they all once did. 

Humans were made to interact with one another so this past year in a pandemic has been a difficult adjustment for most of us. Families can finally go and enjoy their time at the park and have fun again. 

Kids might have gotten hit with isolation the hardest, because they might not have understood the magnitude of the virus. 

Kids could have constantly been questioning why they can’t enjoy their time outside like they used to. 

Well, now they will finally be able to play outside and interact with their friends, giving them an opportunity to live their childhood. 

Everybody’s routine has been altered this past year, because of the pandemic, but especially for those with families that wanted to remain as safe as possible. 

Most adults’ livelihood this past year became working their job and staying at home as much as possible to ensure their own safety and that of their loved ones who live with them. 

Well, with restrictions finally being lifted, these people will be able to enjoy themselves outside in public again. Something as simple as being able to eat at a restaurant will finally be a possibility again. 

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