Spotify has the best deals for college students

By Ricardo Martir

With so many deals college students are offered, Spotify reigns supreme from all of the rest.

Not only do you get Spotify premium for $4.99 in comparison to the regular $9.99 plan, you also get Hulu with ads and Showtime. 

Showtime regularly goes with a monthly fee of $10.99 and  hulu also charges a monthly fee of $5.99 

You are already saving a total of $21.97 per month, that’s almost $264 per year.

Other deals are simply not as good, whether it’s because they have conditions and exclusions or because sometimes not all students are taken into consideration. For example, Apple Music and Unidays do not recognize East Los Angeles College students for the discount. 

Various other similar services have simply exempted ELAC students of their prices for not recognizing the school.

On the other hand, Spotify can verify you through Sheer ID in a matter of minutes. 

Sheer ID is a third-party company that verifies individuals’ affiliations. 

Apple Music has combined its Apple TV service for a more enticing student plan.

 However, even if you were to get this bundle with Apple TV, which debuted in November of 2019– it’s fair to say that this is a new service and therefore lacks variety in its available content.

On the other hand, Spotify has partnered up with Hulu, which made its debut in 2008 and with Showtime streaming, which debuted in 2015. 

That’s years of service, reputation and originals created by both. Hulu offers thousands of shows and movies ranging from favorites like “This is Us,” to originals like “Solar Opposites.”

Spotify is the better service– from the user interface to its music library. Spotify has an extensive library of over 50 million songs and continues to add songs.

Certain companies also require students to maintain a 3.0 GPA, which leaves a lot of students out of eligibility. 

When looking at other deals, students want something they can have access to every day of the week. 

Deals like discounted movie tickets and discounted subscription prices are nice, but none are like Spotify where students can watch shows and movies or listen to music anytime and anywhere.     

Sure a discount to the movies is nice, but are students going to go to the movies every day? 

Even with a subscription to the local magazine– unless the students are  journalists or avid readers– they’re likely to ignore their subscription until they see some interesting news they  already saw on TV or social media.

Spotify with Hulu and Showtime is the ideal student discount bundle. 

Whether the student  needs music to study, throw a party, or if the student is simply looking to unwind and watch a few episodes of a show or that one movie over the weekend. Spotify helps students do it all.

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