Veteran comedians create family sitcom

By Brenda de la Cruz

“The Upshaws” starts off a bit dry and eager to please its audience. It felt as if the writers or creators were trying too hard to make people laugh.

With the lead cast being Mike Epps, Kim Fields and Wanda Sykes, one would think the funny lines would simply flow with ease, but sadly not so much.

As the episodes go on, viewers get a more authentic groove and chemistry between the cast.

The show centers around a middle-class African-American family living in Indiana who are trying to get by while dealing with a multitude of family issues.

Characters in the show include the dad, played by Epps, who has four children with multiple  mothers, the sweet-but-sassy wife played by Fields, the sarcastic and hilarious sister-in-law played by Sykes, the very inappropriate ex-girlfriend and mother as well as your typical teenage kids who are rebellious — thus causing family issues.

The show does curse more than a typical comedy show would, as compared to other comedies such as “Friends” or “Modern Family,” therefore it is not suitable for children under 14.

Ultimately, the show is not entirely the best out there, but it does get better as it goes.

Typically Epps is hilarious in the majority of his films leaving his fans wanting more jokes, but “The Upshaws” seems to deliver only half of the actor’s talent and leaves one wondering “Is that it?”

 The show was created by Wanda Sykes and directed by Sheldon Epps, who also directed parts of “Friends,” “Everybody loves Raymond” and “Girlfriends.”

Mike Epps is known for his stand-up comedy and his role as Day-Day in the “Friday” series. Fields is mostly known for her role of Regine Hunter in the ‘90s comedy show “Living Single,” and Sykes is known for her many stand-up comedy bits, as well as multiple comedy films.

“The Upshaws” is 10 episodes long and each episode runs approximately 30 minutes. It can be streamed on Netflix.

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