In-person Student services, enrollment on campus

By: Juan Calvillo

In-person student services are available Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to new and returning students. Saturday, August 7 will mark East Los Angeles’ College enrollment day. The enrollment day will happen from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The departments of Admission, Counseling, Diversabilities Support Program and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and others are accepting students for in-person help in these areas. Evert Reid from the Admissions department said the event had been planned for almost two months.

Jacquline Gutierrez, adjunct disabilities specialist at the DSP&S, said the four-day student services event is an option for students who need in-person help. She said it also helps students get back on campus.

“[The event is an] effort to start bringing students back in [to campus],” said Gutierrez.

The DSP&S department helps students with disabilities gain equal access and awareness on campus, said Gutierrez. She said new students that have been diagnosed in high school and have an individual education plan can come for help with classes and programs. Gutierrez said she wants students, new and returning, to know the program is state mandated. She said students should put the stigma of disabilities aside and stop in and get help.

Dawn Castillo, student services assistant, said the EOPS is in-person and is helping students with information and applying for programs and services at ELAC. She said department dean Grace Hernandez set her and Minerva Delgadillo, EOPS intern, out to help students. New students will be assisted finding the application link online to apply for EOPS or will get information on eligibility. 

She said for students to qualify they should be full time, 12 units, and have fewer than 70 units already done. Some of the things that can be done at this in-person event include checking the status of EOPS students book grant list as well as the eligibility of students to get the grant. Students can also be set up with appointments with counselors, tutors and oritations.

Castillo said the purpose of EOPS is to “serve students who are experiencing financial or academic challenges.”

The Admissions and Counseling departments are also available for in-person help during this week’s event. Reid from the Admissions department said helping students with signing up for classes and turning in any paperwork.

“Have an ID. A lot of students show up without an ID and that puts a halt to everything immediately,” said Reid.

Emily Rodriguez from the Counseling Department said students can come in and get immediate help as walk-ins. She said students can be helped with registering for the Fall semester, figure out holds for students and quick class recommendations. She said if the matter is much more complex the student will get a deeper evaluation and receive a call from a counselor within one to two business days to further go over their case. Rodriguez echoed Reid’s perspective that students should at least know their student identification number when they come to the Counseling department.

“Whatever we are doing in person, we’re doing online also,” said Chris Garcia, Counseling Department chairperson.

The DSP&S along with the EOPS and Admissions have tables out in front of the E1 Student Services building. This is across the Administration Building G1 and the ELAC letters at the front of the campus. The Counseling department is located within the E1 building. All Student Services are available only until Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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