LAPD says no to Covid-19 vaccine mandate

By Natalia Angeles

The Los Angeles Police Department not wanting to get vaccinated is embarrassing the city of Los Angeles.
The fact that they are using exemptions to avoid a vaccine that leaves may cause a temporary sore arm, is quite astonishing.
The LAPD must fire all unvaccinated officers, or else it can cause large damage to the city of Los Angeles.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that, “99.5% of recent coronavirus deaths are of individuals who are unvaccinated.”
It is ironic to see that those who are supposed to serve and are putting those communities at risk with their refusal.
The LAPD likes to pick and choose when to use their freedom-of-religion card.
How crazy is it that it is against their religion to get a vaccine, but not against their religion to take into custody thousands of teenagers due to stereotypes?
How religious is it to kill thousands of community members because of a corrupt system they work for?
The Los Angeles Department’s records say that about, “51% of LAPD officers are fully vaccinated.” That means that almost half are finding loopholes to run away from the vaccine. The most shocking, yet not surprising fact, is that those unvaccinated officers are the same officers not practicing social distancing or masks mandates.
All of these officers are refusing to enforce the rules because it does not comply with their religious beliefs or respond with statements like “my body, my choice.”
Michel R. Moore, chief of police, says, “The department has recorded 66 infections and four hospitalizations in the past two weeks.”
Two weeks! How much more evidence and death does the LAPD have to endure in order for all officers to get vaccinated?
The officers who are anti-vax are harming the lives of many who are at high risks of COVID-19.
How can COVID-19 disappear, when the “heroes” of the city are not complying with the rules?
These anti-mask, anti-vax officers are great at using what a corrupt system has to offer. But can one really be surprised?
The LAPD has made it very clear that they do not really want to protect communities, especially communities of color.
The reality is that police officers are the disease in these communities.
Now, not only do they continue police brutality but they are literally bringing a disease to communities with little to no health insurance.
LAPD officers without an exemption are to be fully vaccinated by October 9, twelve days to be exact.
It is only a matter of time before we find out how the local government will accommodate these unvaxxed officers.
They will still be able to keep their job, whereas, in other areas of the workforce, being anti-vax will leave you without a job.
Sadly, that only happens to those who do not have a corrupt system.

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