Masked murderers kill teens in new slasher film

By Brenda De La Cruz

“There’s someone inside your house” is a treat for teenage-horror style lovers.
The film brings about creepy scenes in the same form of mystery as the former slasher film “Scream.”
High school teens are being picked off one-by-one in a small town, leaving everyone guessing who the killer is.
With each kill comes that victim’s secret for the entire town to see. Some secrets worse than others.
The film is set in the present day with problems such as racism, social justice and more.
It almost makes the audience feel as if they are watching a current clip of the news.
The story surrounds a group of teenage friends who are from different backgrounds, including gender identity, race, socio-economic status and other privileges.
During the killings, the murderer wears a mask of the victims’ face, insinuating the entire town is fake or “wearing masks” while attempting to “out” everyone of their secrets. The kills are pretty gory for a teen movie, but not too extreme.
The acting is decent with the lead, Sydney Park, doing a good job at being spooked, but tough as nails at the same time.
Theodore Pellerin also does a great job in his role as the weird ex-boyfriend/misfit with his facial expressions and awkward vibes throughout the movie.
While the film does not entirely make one jump out of their seats in fear, it does a fairly decent job at keeping you double-guessing who the killer is.
Rated TV-MA, the film runs one hour and 36 minutes and is available on Netflix.

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