On My Block ends run on a predictable note

By Erica Cortes

The fourth and final season of “On My Block” is the predictable ending that fans wanted.
The show is about four lifelong friends living in the middle of South Central Los Angeles while looking out for one another.
While going to high school and dealing with regular teenage problems, the four friends have to deal with stuff outside of school like gangs, money scavenger hunt and occasionally murder.
The last season ended in a cliffhanger where all four friends who, unexpectedly, went on different paths and lost contact along the way.
It left the audience with the question of what happened.
This season starts off with giving reasons as to why the group fell apart.
Monse Finnie, played by Sierra Capri, is the only female in the group.
She gives the perspective of being the caregiver of her three other friends. Caesar Diaz, played by Diego Tinoco, also known as “Lil Spooky,” continues on a dark path where the season leaves off, him joining Los Santos gang that his elder brother was originally from. But after the last season, the older brother Oscar Diaz, played by the talented Julio Macias, gets out of Los Santos to start a family and legitimate career on his own.
Macias delivered a very emotional character and some of the best character development of the entire series.
Jamal Turner, played by Brett Gray, is the leader of the group who distances himself from his friends and is losing touch with who he is.
Turner starts the season choosing the popular path in high school and realizing he doesn’t have true friends.
The last friend is Ruby Martinez, played by Jason Genao, who was originally the most fragile of the group.
In the beginning of the season, he shows his dedication to his girlfriend Jasmin, played by Jessica Marie Garcia, and loses his self-control and voice as a person.
Two years after the last season, the five friends are no longer in contact.
When the past resurfaces however, they come together to figure out what to do in order to not get caught for the murder they were a part of.
Although the ending of the last season ended on a cliffhanger, this new season became predictable as to what the plot of the final season should be.
Although fans can be happy with the ending, reuniting friendships that were still pending, most of the paths and answers to questions were very obvious before they surfaced in the episodes, making it quite flat.
Although the final season is toned down, all the actors who portray their characters do an amazing job of showing their chemistry along the whole series, this season is not lacking either.
They show the authenticity of having the grief of losing one another, the struggles each character has to face and joy of being together as one huge family.
It ultimately ends with very predictable paths. The entire series of “On My Block” can be streamed on Netflix.

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