2022 slated to be a blockbuster of new DC Comics films

By Juan Calvillo

Warner Bros. and Detective Comics revealed their upcoming entertainment media titles slated for release in 2022 including “The Batman,” “The Flash,” and “Black Adam.”
These updates ensure fans will have their dose of comic book heroes in the coming year. DC Fandome first aired last year due to COVID-19 restrictions but looks to become a yearly online entertainment event.
A new trailer for director Matt Reeves “The Batman” showed the movie’s progress before its eventual 2022 release.
Reeves said the version of Batman he saw for Robert Pattinson, who plays Bruce Wayne and Batman, was a mixture of recluse and rockstar.
Pattinson said this version of the character had a sense of desperation.
“The delineation between when he’s Batman and when he’s Bruce is not so clear. Other kinds of iterations of it, he really knows what he’s doing when he’s putting on the cowl,” Pattinson said.
Zoë Kravitz, who plays Selina Kyle and Catwoman, said there was a foundation being built for the characters in this movie.
“I want her to be a real human being, in a real situation, in a real city trying to survive and reacting to her own pain,” Kravitz said.
“The Flash” star Ezra Miller introduced a teaser for the movie which is still in production.
Miller said they wanted to show the movie, a teaser or something, but unfortunately the team behind the movie is still working on it.
The teaser shows multiple versions of The Flash and gives a short glimpse of the 1989 version of Batman.
Michael Keaton’s Batman has an interesting observation while doing the voiceover for the trailer.
“Tell me something, you can go anywhere you want, right? Any timeline, any universe. Why do you want to stay and fight to save this woman,” Keaton said.
This short moment almost confirms that “The Flash” will be taking some of it’s story beats from the comic book storyline “Flashpoint.”
In that story the hero tries to save someone close to him and ends up making a total mess of time itself.
Dwayne Johnson makes his comic book debut in “Black Adam.” Playing the titular character. Johnson said he was born to play the character.
He introduced a teaser for the film showing off not only the scope of Adam’s powers, but also one of his co-stars Sara Shahi, who plays Adrianna Tomaz and Isis.
Rounding out the cast are Pierce Brosnan playing the magical hero Dr. Fate and Aldis Hodge who plays Carter Hall, also known as Hawkman.
“Batgirl” starring Leslie Grace as the titular hero will focus on Barbara Gordon’s character origin and how she adapts to becoming Batgirl.
Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will be helming the project from the script written by Christina Hodson.
The directors said it was like going back and being kids as they directed the movie.
Hodson said the movie will delve into how Gordon deals with the duality of her personality.
Batgirl is the daughter of a cop, but she’s also a vigilante, and in the movie it’s these elements that make her interesting.
Grace said it was interesting to see a female lead hero movie like this.
“A lot of times we focus a lot on the male superheros, but it was really exciting to read for a female superhero that has that grit and is very sincere and almost eager to prove herself,” Grace said.
“Blue Beetle,” one of the first Latino centered superhero movies, is in pre-production right now and not slated for a 2022 release.
Director Angel Manuel Soto, writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer and star Xolo Mariduena said they were excited to invite fans to be a part of the movie’s family.
The movie will focus on the family dynamics that clash when a Mexican teen gets powers.
The trio agreed that it was hard to keep powers a secret specifically from a Latino family.
“It’s (the movie) going to be fun, it’s going to be funny, it’s going to be crazy, but it also has feelings. It’s all those things. Like Latin American people are all those things, and the movie reflects that,” Dunnet-Alcocer said.
Coming to the small screen and more specifically HBOMAX, the streaming destination for all things DC Comics, is the fourth seasons of “Doom Patrol” and “Titans.”
“Doom Patrol” follows the heroic acts of a group of not so typical heroes.
“Titans” focuses on young adult heroes like Nightwing, Superboy and Beast Boy.
While both shows are very different in content, they both focus on the bonds created within the groups.
Coming from the hit movie “The Suicide Squad” the character Peacemaker, still played by John Cena, will have a show on HBOMAX.
Director of “The Suicide Squad” James Gunn was given free reign from DC Comics to pick which ever character he wanted to be added on the tv show.
“Peacemaker” will have eight episodes and Cena is very excited for the show. Gunn said “Peacemaker” is a mixture of different types of show genres from funny to workplace.
He said he was excited to show off the show.
“(The show is a) Fun and massive experiment that I just can’t wait to share with the fans, DC fans and just fans in general,” James Gunn said.
HBOMAX is currently streaming the new animated show “Aquaman King of Atlantis.”
The animated adventure with the king of the seas is a comedy that is reminiscent of Cartoon Network hits like “Adventure Time.” A short trailer of the show was followed by a clip where the silly song “Talking to the Fish” was shown.
The song, which is about people that aren’t people but are definitely fish, is available to stream on Spotify and can be purchased on Amazon.
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