Netflix’s ‘The Raincoat Killer’ underwhelms compared to previous series

By Brenda De La Cruz

“The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea” tells the story of a serial killer, but leaves much to be desired.
The new docuseries on Netflix follows detectives in Seoul, South Korea who are starting to notice wealthy individuals being brutally murdered, but with no suspect in sight.
The direction the docuseries attempts to follow appears to be giving history on the country and its unfortunate moments.
Perhaps this is done to try and explain away the motives or reason behind the murders by taking a look into environmental stressors.
For a majority of the series, police recount their experiences and feelings they felt during the investigation.
Although it is interesting seeing the images, or at the very least having gory scenes described thoroughly, the entire police department is portrayed as incompetent.
As the episodes continue, the story is more centered around the psychological profilers and not many interesting facts are given surrounding the actual suspect.
This feels like filler to prolong the series.
The footage and material used to fill the three episodes in this docuseries could have easily been combined and made into a single episode documentary.
The series is in Korean, but nicely dubbed into English for viewers.
However, the ending of this series is disappointing and feels poorly planned and executed.
The actual real-life crime case is very intriguing for a crime junkie, but the story could have been told better.
Overall, this is something one may want to hold off on as it is not as interesting as other crime investigations can be.
There is no feeling of suspense or curiosity that usually has the viewer anxious for more.
Instead, this docu-series leaves one wondering if anything more interesting will be shown, or at least told in a non-boring manner.
Viewers are better off researching the crime on their own or reading a book on it instead of wasting their time on this.
It’s a shame because Netflix usually releases interesting docu-series in the true-crime genre.
Each episode runs a little under one hour and can be streamed on Netflix.

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