‘Night Teeth’ hits Netflix just in time for the Halloween season

By Leonardo Cervantes

Netflix’s “Night Teeth” is a thrilling vampire film that focuses on betrayal.
The director of the film, Adam Randall, also directed “I See You.”
The film contains a cast with more familiar actors like Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr), Blaire (Debby Ryan), Zoe (Lucy Fry) and Jay (Raúl Castillo).
“Don’t let humans know we exist. Don’t feed on the unwilling, and never ever enter Boyle Heights without permission,” Blaire said.
The opening scene leaves the audience on the edge of their seats when a car begins to trail Jay and Maria (Ash Santos) up the streets.
In a matter of seconds, Jay enters a warehouse and finds multiple bodies hanging upside-down.
This is when he hears his car window being smashed.
His car is destroyed and Maria is missing, leaving the audience with a sense of thrill for what’s to come next.
Jay finally deemed Benny responsible enough to chauffeur around town.
Benny is a college student that finally gets the chance to chauffeur around town.
Benny picks up two energetic women similar in age and reacts nervously around them.
He is naturally goofy, but made a promise to his step brother that he would act professional this night.
Blaire and Zoe are brazen and ask him odd questions to try and make him loosen up.
The twist of the film comes when Benny walks in on Blaire and Zoe killing two men and sucking on their blood.
With this revelation, they blackmail Benny in order to get closer to Jay.
The premise that vampires and humans have a truce is a unique idea.
However, Victor (Alfie Allen) was one of the vampire bosses that decides to go rogue and ignite conflict with other vampire bosses and humans on their own territory.
The vampire genre has a cult following that delivers many classic films as well as cliche films.
Night Teeth falls somewhere in the middle.
The film fails to acknowledge two of the more well known actresses, Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeny. They are treated as background characters.
While the final stand-off is predictable, it has a few moments the audience will appreciate.
Benny being in the middle of a vampire and human war is an interesting element in the film.
There are a few twists and turns throughout the film, especially a few actions from Benny, but nothing is unexpected.
The soundtrack was one of the best aspects of the film.
Terrel Morris “got the love” is one of the stand out tracks.
It contains a lot of suspenseful and eerie beats as well as electronic music that goes well with the theme. Benny is an up-andcoming music composer, so throughout the film he often plays his own songs.
With Halloween season approaching this is a must-see film, as it contains the typical spooky and thrilling feel of Halloween.
It contains blood and gore and enough action scenes that will keep an audience thrilled.
Rated TV-14, the film runs one hour and 47 minutes and is available to watch on Netflix

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