Defensive-End scores multiple scholarships

By: Erica Cortes

East Los Angeles College’s football team defensive end Chace Davis has received multiple offers to play at different schools across the country. 

Davis is in his sophomore year at ELAC and has been offered numerous scholarships to play at Universities. 

Davis is excited about his offers and said he has had a few since last semester.

“Honestly, it is a big blessing. I was already in the D1 [Division 1] this year in the spring and being able to come back to prove myself back to the same level is good,” Davis said.

Trying to focus on the next two games before the postseason, Davis put aside his decision on the offers. 

“I am not waving the options too crazy right now. Once we are done with the season and we don’t have games to prepare for, my mind can be completely focused on making a decision,” Davis said. 

Davis is also making ELAC football head coach Bobby Godinez proud. 

“He has a great work ethic and he has a good drive to be one the best players in the country and he takes care of his business in the classroom,” Godinez said.

Davis will take what he has learned from ELAC into whatever school he is going to.

Davis said, “Coach says If you want to be something you have to hold yourself accountable and do it because no one is going to do it for you and I appreciate that because that is the harsh reality of football.”

“I tried to be honest with them, give them a clear path as to what they need to do and not sugar coat much,” Godinez said.

Davis has been offered scholarships from many schools like Marshall University, Gardner–Webb University and University of Akron. Coach Godinez said, “He will have 15 to 20 offers by the end of the season. So, he has a lot to choose from and he will have some tough decisions to make.”

Davis said his teammates have helped him a lot to show his strengths, so much so that he considers them family. He said playing with people who are like family pushes athletes to do better and want to win..

Godinez said it will be a bittersweet moment once Davis moves on to the next level. He said he will lose a good piece of his team but that is why coaches are there. Their goal is to help players move on so it is more positive than negative. Godinez’s advice for Davis for when he eventually moves on was simple.

“Just to continue to be what he is. He will be fully prepared to take on the next challenge,” Godniez said.

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