ELAC, Hollywood have lasting connection

By Natalia Angeles

Hollywood, California is the epicenter of the film industry and is connected with East Los Angeles College by the campus’ diverse locales for filming.

Everyone travels from different areas of the world to visit the famous Walk of Fame.

Aspiring actors and actresses make it their goal to shine in the city of stars.

The neighboring college in Monterey Park is home to many scenes portrayed on the big Hollywood big screen.

East Los Angeles College’s football stadium, Weingart Stadium, has made multiple appearances across a number of high-end films.

One of those films was “Forrest Gump.”

Played by Tom Hanks, Gump’s mastery of running allows him to get into the University of Alabama’s football team.

As the crowd chants, “Run Forrest, run,” there is a beautiful long shot of Weingart Stadium.

Another famous film shot at Weingrant Stadium is “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

The scene showing the stadium is during a football match being watched through a police TV screen.

There is also the horror movie “House of the Dead 2” scene where actress Victoria Pratt and her team are faced with a mob of zombie football players.

The scene shows how huge and eerie Weingart Stadium can be.

The immense beauty of Weingart Stadium on the big screen is just one thing Hollywood has worked with ELAC on.

The Vincent Price Art Museum is famous through its walkthroughs by Huell Howser.

Howser’s “California Gold” and “Visiting..with Huell Howser” are important episodes highlighting the diversity on ELAC’s campus.

The Netflix series “Last Chance U: Basketball,” documented ELAC’s basketball team as well as their head coach, John Mosley.

The series centered around the struggles ELAC basketball players face as they try to claim the illustrious state title.

Every episode is an emotional rollercoaster.

The program documents the struggle of being a student-athlete.

It also shows the beauty that stems from East Los Angeles College and its athletics programs.

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