ELAC celebrates student-athletes

By Andres Lopez

CN/Andres Lopez

 East Los Angeles College faculty and students gathered together at the front of the school to celebrate the athletes from the spring and fall season on Thursday.

The spirit rally was separated into different sections with the middle section being for the faculty and directors, right behind them were the different ELAC teams and athletes, and the front section held the cheerleaders and band. Before the rally started, all of the athletes, cheerleaders, and band arrived one by one with their coaches and were warming up to get ready for the rally. 

“Thank you all for being able to attend today from South Gate and Huntington park, even though COVID has held us back, we are here today and can celebrate our athletes .’’ Jesus Martinez, Director Of Band

Event organizers set up tents for different sections and gave out merchandise only for athletes. Many ELAC students, professors, club members, and students from the South Gate campus also attending The rally began with the cheerleaders and band performing with the opening remarks from the director of bands Jesus “Chuy” Martinez, and Professor of Cheer Zepeda Lopez. 

After  Lopez and Martinez gave their remarks on the athletes and the audience, Martinez said, “Thank you, all for being able to attend today from South Gate and Huntington Park, even though covid has held us back, we are here today, and can celebrate our athletes, we would like to bring out our sports informative speaker, Cerwin Hayes.”

 Cerwin Hayes, the editor of ELAC athletics website, said, “Hello everyone my name is Cerwin Hayes, and I would like to first and foremost, talk about a wrestling match and basketball tournament that we are hoping to set up by this month and to enter you would have to pay five dollars for attending, or for those of you that are not able to attend, we will be live streaming the event.” 

Hayes also gave his remarks on a wrestling tournament and basketball tournament that is soon to be announced this upcoming month.

The directors also announced that Tuesday the 23rd at the ELAC campus as well as Wednesday the 24th at the South Gate Campus, every ASU member will be given food and will have a chance to have fun. 

For the final remarks of the spirit rally, Zepeda Lopez informed the students in the audience that students who are interested in joining cheer or sports teams will be able to enroll in the upcoming season. 

After every speech from the directors and coaches, the cheerleaders and  band worked together to create a little performance and cheered with the students in the  audience. The spirit rally ended with the performance of the cheerleaders and band,  and gathered up with the water polo team and wrestling team for a big photoshoot.  

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