Ghostbuster big screening debut

By: Jesus Hernandez

Sequels can be great. Sequels can also be awful, but this sequel was not only great, but it was also cute, cheesy, and great at the same time. “Who you going to call?” 

Yeah, you know where that’s from, the one and only “Ghostbusters” franchise.

The sequel is filled with great acting, funny jokes, original parts from the original 1984 “Ghostbusters” movie, and good music.

 At first, when people watched the previews, the audience agreed that this film seemed to be an “I’ll pass” film. 

Or, if they were diehard “Ghostbusters” fans from the original 1984 film, they’d give it a try, or maybe even say no because they didn’t want the original to be ruined. 

Remakes of movies and sequels can get people confused when it comes to the continuation of a movie. 

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” is a sequel to the 1984 movie.

 It takes place  30 years later with one of the Ghostbuster’s families that doesn’t know the tradition of their grandpa’s life. 

They suddenly find out what he was all about, which of course was fighting ghosts. 

Without saying more about the storyline and plot of the movie 

Viewers can assume what it’s about, but finding new storylines is what made it great and cute at the same time.

Hardcore “Ghostbuster” fans will enjoy that they use the original technology and don’t upgrade or make changes to it. 

They will also enjoy that it is funny and corny just like the original and the humor is kept the same. 

The storyline is creative, just like the original, and brought the original cast members from the 1984 movie.

Ordinary movie fans will enjoy the corniness and cuteness of the characters and storyline along with the awesome sounds and action that are involved in the movie.

The actors are phenomenal in this film, Paul Rudd plays Mr. Grooberson, the teacher of  Phoebe and Podcast. 

Rudd’s character is so hard not to like. He plays the perfect character and you can tell he is invested in his role. 

Rudd plays the scientist teacher that knew his history of the “Ghostbusters.” When other characters thought the kids were crazy, Rudd knew they weren’t. 

The overall cast does really well and viewers can tell everyone had a really great connection with each other and really try to make a great movie.

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