LACCD is offering its nine campuses free 2-year tuition

By Jennifer Alejandre

The Townhall with Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Los Angeles Community College District leadership focused on community college student enrollment and financial support. 

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Los Angeles Community College District Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez held a conference to discuss  Community College student enrollment and financial support on Monday. 

Rendon talked about the Los Angeles Community College District and the educational programs offered at the East Los Angeles College’s South Gate Campus. 

Changes have been made to ensure students attending the South Gate campus have a college experience.  The South Gate campus has improved these past years to guarantee a much better educational plan. 

The campus is offering classes of Administration of Justice, Child Family Education Studies, and Forensics. Along with Pharmacy Tech, Medical Assistant, Medical Transporter, and much more. The campus has opportunities for students interested in Teacher pathways, Family Child Care Provider, Associate Teacher Certificate, Children with Special Needs Certificate, and much more. 

The Los Angeles College Promise is a Program made for new or first-time college students. This program provides students with two-years tuition-free for up to 30 units. Priority registration is offered as well as success coaching, free LA city DOT and Metro passes to have transportation to work or school. Students will receive a free Chromebook when joining. 

In order to qualify, students must apply for Financial Aid (FASFA/Dream/BOG) and be enrolled as full-time students. Students must participate in a transitional program, enroll in required English/Math per educational plan. Lastly, students in the LA College Promise Program must participate in success Activities including major/career exploration. 

The ELAC campus will have an LA health facility. It’s a project that the LACCD leadership along with assembly speaker Rendon are working on to ensure a safer college campus. They will also be working on a new student service building to give students a better learning and helpful experience. 

ELAC offers a variety of programs especially now because of COVID-19. Classes have become even more flexible online offered morning, afternoon, and evening. ELAC’s priority is to ensure students have options that best work for them. 

Online classes will continue to be taught and students will have more class options to choose from. 

Beginning of winter semester 2022, the campus will be 50% in-person and 50% online. Both in-person and online will have the same options. For the in-person students, there will be activities and workshops that can help with the transitioning of online to in-person. 

For online students the resources that have been offered throughout this year will not change in fact more resources will be offered. 

Rendon, alongside Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez and other LACCD Leadership staff, will work together to ensure that Los Angeles Community College District gives students educational programs that help with their education. 

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