“Deadlock” full of action pack clichés which are sure to delight many

By Erica Cortes

“Deadlock” is an action movie that shows great sympathy for parents.
Mack Karr, played by Patrick Muldoon, is an ex-military man that works at a Georgia power plant.
The people inside the power plant are held hostage by Ron Whitlock, played by Bruce Willis.
Whitlock is a wanted criminal , he is leading a team of rogue soldiers on a mission of vengeance over the death of his son.
It is up to Karr to spring into action and save thousands of innocent lives before it is too late.
Muldoon has a resume that is filled with action movies such as “Starship Troopers” and the more recent “Arkansas.”
His fantastic performance playing his character as retired elite army ranger is no surprise to the viewer.
The star of the movie, Willis, is however the role that gives viewers the greater surprise.
Willis has starred in movies such as “The Fifth Element” and “RED.” In these films he is or becomes the hero of the movie.
In “Deadlock” it is refreshing to see that Willis’ character is a villain. Although odd, Willis does a great job portraying a terrorist.
A scene where Willis’ character is hijacking the power plant shows the impact of how losing his son changed his perspective of the United States government system.
He shows the dictation to his team to an extreme that soldiers who are working with him are hesitant to believe they are one the right side.
Writer and Director of this film Jarred Cohn creates a very classic action-packed movie. It also gives a view of what parents are willing to do for their children no matter what age.
This is a great story just in time for the holidays so that people can cherish their families before it is too late.
“Deadlock” can be seen in selective theaters or on Amazon Prime.

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