ASU talks finance reports, fundings

By Leonardo Cervantes

Financial reports and action items were the main topic during Wednesday’s East Los Angeles College Associated Student Union meeting.

The financial reports total amount of encumbrances is $38,809.75 and the available funds are $118,090.25. The Treasurer report has spent $9500 in club state funds and currently has $20,500 available.

Adoption of AB-361 would allow the committee to proceed with meetings in hybrid. The item was approved unanimously.

AB-361 allows local public agencies to continue to use teleconferncing without complying to certain Brown Act provisions. 

Stephanie Dizon explained why she was interested in the vacant senator position. 

“My main purpose is I really wanted to help the ASU board and staff with their jobs, especially setting up and organizing events and giveaways,” Dizon said. 

The committee agreed to make her a part of the board.

The student nurse association secretary Giselle Gil, wants her club to be officially chartered. 

“Most of the council members are seniors who will be graduating at the end of the semester. They have been organizing their pinning ceremony; they had Shakey’s and Krispy Kreme fundraisers. The expenses are decorations, pamphlets, pins, nurse uniform dresses and preparing for the nclex exam,” Gil said. 

The committee unanimously voted for them to be officially chartered.

Fall fundings giveaways totalling $650 was another action item. Funds will be used to purchase items and will be distributed to students during finals week. 

“We have students who have dietary instructions such as vegan and looking at these items, only one item will satisfy their needs, so I would suggest looking into something more towards that,” Alondra Pacheco said.

Another funding action item was iMac Adapters in the amount of $55. Funds will be used to purchase adapters for the executive board to fulfill their duties. 

The iMac computers that the executive board currently have in their office don’t have a USB insert so adapters must be purchased in order for the executive board to access the printers. Both items were approved.

ASU will be going on their winter retreat where they will share knowledge and grander goals for the upcoming spring semester. This will include each inner committee presenting their plan going forward into the semester and teach the rest of the board members about the committee and will also discuss ASU, BAC, ICC meetings, campus commit schedule and office hours.

For the Winter session at the Southgate campus, free supplies will be provided for students. All they have to do is show up to class. 

ASU Husky Food Pantry is currently servicing 139 students. On Monday, the winter gift card giveaway will be a $25 digital gift card that will be provided to all students up to 200 students. This is for all currently enrolled ELAC students. 

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