Call Of Duty season update’s execution needs improvements

By Leonardo Cervantes

The latest Call Of Duty Vanguard season update was promising but the execution is still lackluster.

The update provides new maps, new zombie content, general bug fixes, new guns and gun modifications.

The update fixes a few things like being able to use pistols in zombies but creates more problems.

Over the past few years, it has become an unfortunate trend with Call of Duty Games that when the game launches it is incomplete.

Instead, fans are promised the first update will fix everything but the game is still a mess.

The new Copper Carbine assault rifle is the best aspect of the update.

It shoots extremely fast and is easy to control, so it will quickly become the new fan favorite.

Sledgehammer Games also added a Katana to the game which is fun to use.

The fire grenade is also a fun new way to blow up your enemies and now, loading into the game seems to be slightly faster than usual. 

Radar is the name of one of the new maps added, and it already plays as one of the best in-game.

It’s a remake of the Modern Warfare 3 map called Dome.

Dome is an enjoyable classic map that gets chaotic so it’s an easy way to level up a player’s rank and guns.

The other map called Paradise feels out of place.

The map is massive and easy to get lost in and in turn, makes it harder to find enemies.

Sledgehammer Games have yet to fix the weapon camo challenges.

In order to get your gun gold, a player must complete a certain challenge by equipping a specific attachment but that attachment isn’t available in-game yet.

This is extremely frustrating because it makes it impossible to get fans’ favorite gold gun.

An ongoing issue with weapon progression is that sometimes players won’t get any points for killing opponents.

Sledgehammer is yet to fix such an obvious glitch that has been in the game since launch.

There is an option that allows a player to receive double progression points and double weapon progression points but it is also glitched.

The new Warzone Caldera map is a mess.

The map plays fine but the audio seems to give out and the graphics glitch at times.

Activision is yet to implement a field of view in Warzone after having promised they would add it this year.

Field of view essentially shows players more game environments which would make it easier to identify enemy players.

Field of view is only available to PC players and not console players.

This creates a competitive disadvantage when console players play against PC players.

It’s still a fun experience but just a huge amount of fixable errors.

The Zombies mode in Vanguard has been one of the worst experiences in any Call of Duty game, and the update has done nothing to change that.

The single most infuriating and easily fixable aspect of the mode is not being able to pause your Zombies match when playing solo.

If a player is in a solo match and wants to drink a glass of water or use the bathroom he is at risk of dying because there is still no pause option to pause the game.

The only new Zombies updates are that a player can finally use pistols and grenade launchers.

The developers also added two new perks that allow a player to see zombies through walls. 

The other update reduces explosive damage.

The first season update was supposed to originally release on December 1, but it got delayed a week.

It’s as if the game developers didn’t fix any of the major ongoing problems and just created new problems.

While the update had a few positives the enjoyment of the game is weighed down due to the overwhelming glitches and lack of correctable mistakes.

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