Huskies soccer won in penalty shootouts

By Miguel Dominguez

East Los Angeles College Huskies wins in penalty shootouts against Compton 2(4)-2(2). Compton ended up playing with 10 players on the field, after Compton player, Russel Avila gets sent off with a red card.

The Huskies and Compton were tied for most of the first half. Husky player, Paul Hernandez and the first chance at goal but his shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, 15 minutes of the half. Husky goalkeeper got in a bit of trouble after coming out of the penalty box, as he missed the kick and the ball got through. Compton had a chance at goal with no keeper, but the shot was wide and out for a goal kick.

A penalty was given to Compton from a foul caused by the Husky defense. Juan Macias would score the penalty to give Compton 1-0 lead with 25 minutes played in the first half. Husky had a chance to tie before the half was over from a header by Hernandez was blocked by the Compton goalkeeper Anthony Pina. The Huskies went into the half trailing 1-0.

Both teams would get heated during first minutes of the second half. Compton players were aggressive against the Husky players on multiple fouls. The Husky players answered back with some aggressive fouls that were not called on the Huskies.

Compton coaches shouted to the referee about the calls, but no fouls were called. The Huskies would score the first goal of the game by Jesus Garcia from a cross by Joaquin Toledo. The game was tied 1-1 with 52 minutes played.

4 minutes later the Huskies would get a penalty from a handball committed by the Compton defense. Ramiro Hermida would score the penalty to give the Huskies the lead 2-1.

After the second goal, the Huskies handled the ball carefully not trying to score and just keep possession of the ball.

85 minutes into the game, the Huskies had a chance to secure the win with another goal, but Bryant Guerrero would hit the crossbar. The Huskies still led 2-1.

A couple minutes later, Compton players and coaches asked for a foul inside the penalty box but was not given.

Avila would get sent off after arguing with the referee with less than 5 minutes to go.

The Huskies had another chance to score another goal, but a foul was committed from the Compton defender.

The defender was only given a yellow card. It could have been a red card as he was the only defender in front of the attacker.

The Husky coaches and players were asking for another red card, but the referee would discuss it the assistant referee and agreed on a yellow card.

Compton were given a foul at the last minute of regulation.

Compton coaches sent everybody in the penalty box, including to tie the game.

Compton player Bryan Garcia Ortega would head the inside the penalty box and out of the reach of the Husky goalkeeper and tied the game, 2-2.

The referee would blow his whistle and both teams headed to penalties.

Compton were first to shoot and missed it, Sending the over the net.

After the Huskies made their first shot, Compton would miss the second shot as it hit the crossbar.

Husky player Eduardo Alvarez would have his penalty blocked by Pina.

Huskies converted one of the two penalty kicks at this point.

Compton made the next two after missing the first two penalty shots.

Husky player Andy Ortega would score the final penalty kick and give the Huskies the win.

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