ELAC football team returns to Beach Bowl after 5 years

By Brenda De La Cruz

Go Huskies—El Camino attempts to increase its lead against the Huskies in the final quarters.
Beach Bowl—Huskies fight hard defensively to prevent El Camino from scoring.

The East Los Angeles College Huskies’ returned to Beach Bowl and was marred by a 39-24 loss to El Camino Warriors.

The Huskies played in the Beach Bowl for the first time since 2016. They finished the regular football season 5-5, versus their opponent who ended their season 6-4.

It was a close call for most of the first three quarters of the game, with both teams switching off the lead. 

ELAC led in yielding the fewest yards per game, as well as fewest rushing yards allowed in the National Northern League. The Huskies used this to their advantage. 

The Huskies’ defense forced the Warriors to punt in the first quarter. The kick was blocked by the Huskies. 

Despite El Camino recovering the ball, the Huskies managed to stop them in time, they were then able to score a 34-yard field goal after a holding call prevented a touchdown for the Huskies.  

Both teams continued to answer each other’s moves, going back and forth with the lead being extremely close throughout the game. There were two interceptions against the Huskies in the final Quarter. The Huskies went scoreless in the fourth quarter.  

El Camino managed to score two additional touchdowns to shut the game down.

ELAC’s Quarterback, Rudy Garcia, had 16-31 completed passes with 181 yards and 72 rushing yards.Wide Receiver Cobe Stribling caught five of those passes for 93 yards and two touchdowns (one in the second quarter and final one in the third quarter.) 

ELAC’s Defensive Lineman Jeremiah Jackson-Trotter was named defensive player of the game with 15 tackles.

Head Coach Bobby Godinez rounded up his players after the game and gave an inspirational speech to the entire team. 

Godinez later told Cerwin Haynes, ELAC Sports Information, that he felt proud of his team and looked forward to next season. 

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