ASU meeting puts focus on food pantry funding

By Teresa Acosta

The Associated Student Union board approved a reduction of funds for the food pantry February 24.
Executive Vice President Alondra Pacheco encouraged the board to deny the funding, saying there is currently enough supplies to meet demands.
She reminded the board that they needed to take into consideration the dwindling budget, and that if more supplies are needed in the future they should submit a petition for more funds at that time.
Vice President of Advocacy, Steven Gallegos, clarified that this additional funding has already been approved by BAC and should move forward.
Vice President of South Gate, Evelyn Romero, confirmed that they currently have supplies, but late start classes in April may increase demand.
The vote resulted in a passing of the proposal by a 4-3 vote. Secretary Luis Beade petitioned the board to re-entertain the passing of the food pantry proposal.
His yes vote allowed for his petition to succeed.
He now believed that $5,000 was too much and he moved to reduce the amount to $3,000. Pacheco again appealed to the board to deny the motion, restating the lack of need for more funds at this time.
Gallegos advocated for the passing of the new reduced amount citing the need to support the well-being of ELAC students.
The board approved the reduction of funds from $5,000 to $3,000, and then later passed the new amended proposal with a 5-2 vote.
Funding for new maintenance supplies, community funding of movie nights for both campus locations, filling of vacant positions on the board and senator stipends were also decided on.
During the public forum section of the meeting Jenn Galinato, a representative from the Student Senate for California Community Colleges, spoke about the openings available in the SSCCC. She said that East Los Angeles College is not currently represented in the senate.
She stressed the importance of having a representative on the senate to provide a voice and advocacy during decision making votes that may affect ELAC.
Senator Wenjin Zhao resigned from her senator position, and later applied for the Vice Presidency of Public Relations position. She was approved for the position.
Jaime De Haro, a communications major, who was previously a senator during the fall of 2020 and the spring of 2021, applied for a senator position, and was approved.
After receiving approval from the Budgetary Associate Committee, the union needed to approve funds in the amount of $5,000 for the food pantry.
The food pantry works to support students with basic food and beverage options to get them through the day and is available at both campuses.
Inter-board funding was requested in the amount of $550 to purchase maintenance supplies, cleaning and disinfecting products, Scotch Tape and a cord protector.
This was unanimously approved by the board.
An ASU funded movie night was proposed, requesting $1050 in funds. VPA Gallegos moved to amend the wording of the petition to add a movie event at the South Gate campus.
The item with the new amendment was passed.
In order for senators to receive stipend the board has to vote.
The board unanimously voted yes to approve senator stipends.
The Advocacy Committee will hold a voter-registration event Tuesday during club rush.
The next ASU meeting will be held March 11 at 1 p.m.

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