Famous movie killer returns in new horror sequel

By Jesus Hernandez

If you like gore and guts this is your film to watch. The legendary killer is back in a direct sequel to the original film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”
The film definitely has 2022 vibes all over. The movie is packed with moments that scream “Really?” The movie includes “Influencers” that want to make a difference. Unknowingly these “Influencers” are hanging out in Leatherface’s back yard.
Leatherface is back and ready to hunt and find his newest human skin mask. This sequel just dropped on Netflix. The film starts off showing how the original massacre has become an infamous murder mystery covered by the original movie narrator, John Larroquette.
Leatherface played by Mark Burnham was a decent Leatherface. He did a great job with his killings. Without saying too much of how he chose to kill, there was a scene on a bus where he was “Leatherface!” how everyone remembers him to be, gory and nasty.
Director David Blue Garcia did really well with keeping the killings how everyone expects them to be: gore and guts.
The gore may be a bit much in this film, but they did a fabulous job with it. Fans can praise the director for not making it soft and making it more how a movie like this is supposed to be.
One surprising part in this film was the appearance of Sally Hardesty. Sally was played by a different actress in the sequel named Olwen Fouéré.
Sally Hardesty was one of the original characters from the 1974 movie. Her character was actually the only survivor in the original film.
The plot of the movie really doesn’t make sense. Fans of the original movie might feel the same way after watching this film. Influencers are looking to bring new life into a Texas ghost town decades after the original film. They go in without knowing they were hanging out in the massacre’s back yard.
As a fan of the original and the remakes in the early 2000s, this film needed to bring more story into the character of Leatherface instead of going into the newer characters.
This is the ninth film of the Texas chainsaw massacre and all nine films did an amazing job with the killings. Some of the film’s plots might be questionable especially since a few of the films were remakes of the original movie.
This new movie, which is out now, should be given a chance and watched because it’s Leatherface. Sometimes Hollywood should learn to stop creating more movies and ruining well known franchises.
Leatherface is definitely on the Mount Rushmore of horror movie franchises, so if they keep creating more films focusing on Leatherface people will keep watching.

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