Student’s research preserved with the help of Journals

By Daniella Molina

Los Angeles Community College District students can showcase their research papers with the ELAC History Circle Journal.
The ELAC history department invites all students within the Los Angeles College District to submit their research papers that cover important community issues and more.
The idea was introduced to ELAC’s campus by history professor Rafael Mazon.
“When I went to Cal State L.A, I had been part of their journal there. What I wanted to do is pass on the opportunity and pass on the experience of being part of that process.”
The first journal was published in Fall of 2020.
It was dedicated to all the people of 2020, for their losses and their triumphs.
Over a 16-week period, students choose topics that are important to them on a personal level and local and abroad.
The topics range from education, Chicana feminism, international feminism, espionage in the U.S., racial bias, the war on drugs, U.S. diplomatic relations in Latin America and cultural representations of the aristocracy.
Juliet Beglaryan provides a personal account that compares the school system in Armenia with education in the U.S.
Beglaryan also examines how Russian espionage during the Cold War influenced domestic surveillance in the U.S.
Another student writes about the role that Chicana Feminists played in the 1970s.
And the effects that it had on political, media and academic discourses in the U.S.
Darlene Garcia’s paper takes a deep dive into the structure of racism responses by the U.S. government and media outlets to the crack and opioid epidemics.
Brittany Lizaola contributes to the discussion on international feminism by showing the impact women had through activism during the Civil War in Guatemala. In a special feature Melany Bennett offers a review of the films “War and Peace” and “Dr. Zhivago” that explore the changing roles of the aristocracy.
At the end of the 16-week course students felt what it was like to be part of the bigger team and what it felt like to have their work officially published.
The History Circle Journal is available in print and online.
For print version it can be read in the Social Science Department F7-307 and is available online at
The Journal is open to any student in the LACCD and also to high school students who are interested in taking classes at any of the district’s colleges. “Requirements are that it is at least 10 pages, and we want it to be original research. Original research can mean different things to different people because of different disciplines but you are not just pulling from existing books,” said Mazon.
“They [students] can do it. That is the biggest thing. That they can do it and that we try to communicate this is not an intimidating process, this is not a judgmental process because I think that’s the biggest barrier. The biggest thing I see is the hesitation and that is what I am trying to break through,” Mazon said.
The Journal is currently expected to be published at the end of each Fall semester.
With submission date currently being Oct. 1.
Once COVID-19 restrictions lift, the department hopes to have in-person event celebrations for new edition releases.
For more information about the History Circle Journal students can email professor Mazon at

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