Huskies’ men’s basketball are on a hot streak with 14 straight wins

By Miguel Dominguez

The Husky men’s basketball team won their 14th game in a row, beating Pasadena City College 109-47. The Huskies are now 22-4 on the season.
The Huskies remain undefeated in the conference 7-0. The Huskies are also undefeated at home with seven wins.
Cory Colfield and Bryan Penn-Johnson led the Huskies with 21 points each. Colfield made seven of ten from the field and seven of eight from the free-throw line.
Penn-Johnson made 10 of 12 from the field. Most of Penn-Johnson’s points came in the second half.
The Huskies outscored Pasadena College in the first half of the game with a score of 57-21. The Huskies made 22 of 39 points from the field in the first half.
From the three-point range, the Huskies made six of 12. The Huskies made seven of 10 free-throws. Cory Cofield led the first half with 16 points shooting five of six from the field. Colfield had the most points in the half with 16.
It was the Penn-Johnson show in the second half. Penn-Johnson played a few minutes in the first half, but took over the second half of the game.
Penn-Johnson used his size against Pasadena, dunking on the defense and energizing the crowd. The Huskies bench got on their feet a few times reacting to his dunks. Penn-Johnson finished the second half with 17 points for the Huskies
Pasadena was hard pressed to compete against the Huskies. The Huskies led the game both offensively and defensively throughout the entire time.
Pasadena was shooting 65% from the free-throw line making 13 of 20. The Huskies shot 61% from the free-throw line making 11 of 18.
Offensively, the Huskies had wide open shots and used their size to take over in the paint.
The Huskies shot 52% from the three-point line making 10 of 19 and shot 58% from the field making 44 of 75.
The Huskies’ defense pressured Pasadena’s offense the entire game. The Huskies forced Pasadena to use their entire shot clock throughout the game.
This forced Pasadena to take shots and lose the ball. The Huskies took advantage of Pasadena’s turnovers, turning them into 2 on 1 fastbreak points.
Pasadena had 20 turnovers. 15 came in the first half. The Huskies scored 28 points off turnovers. Most of the points came from the paint with a total of 64 points for the Huskies.
The Huskies had the tallest players in the game and out-rebounded Pasadena. The Huskies had a total of 53 rebounds. 18 offensive rebounds and 35 defensive rebounds.
The Huskies had a total of 12 steals and six blocks in the game. The Huskies made 21 second-chance points.
The Huskies start the playoffs tomorrow and will host Cerritos College. The game starts at 7 p.m.

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