New political series out now on Netflix

By Adonia Burciaga

In Netflix’s new series “Anatomy of a Scandal” an elite political couple’s marriage is ruined due to an affair. The former minister’s reputation begins to crumble after a shockingly unexpected turn of events.
The former minister, James Whitehouse, is shown as a caring man who would do anything for anyone.
He is shown talking with an older woman and promises to help her with an issue concerning a crosswalk.
During the conversation with the woman, he receives bad news. His face drops visibly and he rushes home. Rupert Friend who plays Whitehouse, does an excellent job of portraying emotions of regret and remorse while exploring how he had an affair with a coworker.
When the scandal gets out to the press, Mr. Whitehouse tries to prove that he is an innocent and good man by standing beside his wife and children.
As the show begins, Whitehouse realizes that the affair was more than just intimacy, but he was afraid to tell his wife and was willing to resign his relationship with his mistress to prioritize his family. As the series continues, the tension between the Whitehouses rises due to the unfolding allegations.
The director does an excellent job portraying those moments of tension with loud music and dark effects.
Noami Scott who plays Olivia Lytton, the woman Whitehouse has an affair with, does an excellent performance showing her emotions after Whitehouse ends the affair.
The series is directed by S.J. Clarkson who directed the shows “Orange Is the New Black” and “Bates Motel.” Both these shows have compelling performances.
“Anatomy of a Scandal” is very provocative. The show depicts how people sometimes think they can easily get away with crimes. In this case misogynistic politicians.
The title shows how a scandal can continue to unfold and include older crimes that someone has never been tried for.
“Anatomy of a Scandal” is number three in the top ten TV shows on Netflix.
Each episode is about 50 minutes long and is rated for mature audiences only.

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